6th-AAC-Poster © IaaC
6th-AAC-Poster © IaaC


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the FabLab Barcelona are pleased to announce the 6th Advanced Architecture Contest, on the theme of PRODUCTIVE CITY.

The aim of the competition is to promote discussion and research through which to generate insights and visions, ideas and proposals that help us envisage what the city and the habitat of the 21st century will be like.



The competition is opened to students and professionals.

There is no age limit; the projects may be carried out be individually or in groups, with no restriction on the number of members of the team.

Architects, engineers, planners and designers who want to contribute to progress in making the world more habitable by developing a proposal capable of responding to emerging challenges in areas such as ecology, information technology, architecture, and productive cities.



The program challenges the participants to design any project directly related to productive cities: buildings, sensors, devices, urban planning, means of transportation, urban farming, energy systems, etc.



_ Write a brief description (max 200 words) that outlines key concepts around proposals or changes for existing buildings and/or cities.

_ Graphic description: Site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, perspective drawings, photographs of physical or digital models and         axonometric drawings at any scale and descriptive texts explaining the project are allowed. The descriptive texts must be in English.

_ The proposals should be presented on three (3) DIN A-3 panels and comply with the following format:

_ Each panel will be presented in PDF format. The size of each file must not exceed 1MB

_ The same panels will also be presented in a JPG 1280px by 960px format. The size of each file will not have to exceed 500 KB.



The three teams leaders will receive cash prizes, and a one-year grant to take the Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC and research in greater depth the manufacture of self-sufficient architecture. All of the projects selected will be featured in a special book produced in conjunction with the Actar-Birkhauser publishing house like in the four previous editions.


_ 1st Prize: 3,000 € + Master in Advanced Architecture (value 17.400,00 €) + Designjet T520 (value 1.500 €)

_ 2nd Prize: 2,000 € + Master in Advanced Architecture (value 17.400,00 €) + Designjet T120 (value 700 €)

_ 3rd Prize: 1,000 € + Master in Advanced Architecture (value 17.400,00 €) + Designjet T120 (value 700 €)


In parallel to the 6th Advanced Architecture Contest, the Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) and FabLab Barcelona are also running the international People’s Choice Award.



_ Registration Deadline       18  January, 2016

_ Submission Deadline         18  January, 2016

_ Jury                                             February + March, 2016

_ Results Announced             20  March, 2016

_ Book Release                          April, 2017

_ Exhibition                                June / July, 2017


Registration Fee : Free

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