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91/2- House, Time & Memory is an architectural exhibition on the poetics of a house designed in Dhaka in the 1990s by the architect Timmy Aziz for his mother who was moving back to her native city after living abroad for many years. It traces the narrative of how the designer’s memories of his childhood home in Nilkhet come together with his conscious effort to respond to cultural and material demands of Dhaka through his interactions with local architects, craftsmen and vendors.

Exhibition|91/2 House, time and Memory

House time memory 1

 House, time and Memory
Exhibition | 91/2 -House, Time and Memory. © The Curators


The exhibition matches the personal narrative of building a house for one’s mother with the philosophical experience of situating a building in context. Photographs, drawings, models and written stories of each aspect of the house illustrate the translation of context through material, crafts, local technologies and agency. Through locating his own preferences, the architect locates the nuances of architecture in Dhaka, the city of his childhood.

Exhibition|91/2 House, time and Memory

Exhibition|91/2 House, time and Memory

 House, Time and Memory
Exhibition| 91/2 -House, Time and Memory. © The Curators


The exhibition was curated by Ishraq Zahra Khan with Aida Hassan and Ahmed Uz Zaman. The exhibition was inaugurated on 16 March and will remain open until 15 April, 2017 at the Gyantaposh Abdur Razzak Bidyapeeth in Dhanmondi. It is jointly organized by Saiful Haque Sthapati; Bengal Institute of Architecture, Landscape and Settlements; Bengal Foundation Visual Arts Program and ADDA-a platform for architectural exchanges.

 House, time and Memory
Exhibition| 91/2 -House, time and Memory. © The Curators

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