Architect Emran Hossain has won ‘honorable mention’ award in MH17 Memorial + Park International Idea Competition 2015. The competition was initiated by ‘matterbetter’ for young architects and students to remember and honour victims of the MH17 tragedy, which has happened over the skies of Ukraine. This competition aimed to explore and research possible themes and directions of the Memorial representation and its integration into the public space.

Among 293 submissions across the world, Emran’s proposal ‘Listening to the Silence’ has been nominated for the award by the international jury, represented by architects, university professors and artists.

Emran’s proposal considered ‘SILENCE’ (of the departed) as an emblem for this competition and suggested three ‘RUINS’ as a memorial sites where ruin operate as a symbol of eternal life. His proposal is highly appreciated by honorable jury for its powerful concept. “Poetic, intense, inclusive and global. If implemented, this installation will make news! Emotions run high through a project that breaks boundaries and unifies with “connections” made by sounds” commented by honorable jury Cristina Cassandra Murphy.

Mohammed Emran Hossain is the Proprietor and Principle Architect of ‘Architect Emaran and Associates’.He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2004 and his Master of Architecture Degree from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design in 2007. Emran has work experience as Project Architect at Steven Holl Architects, New York;. Vistaraa Architects, Dhaka and as an Instructor at BRAC University, Dhaka. He has won a number of national and international awards including 2nd prize for the design competition proposal for the Sichuan Earthquake Memorial, China in 2008, “Special Mention” In Romania for his futuristic project proposal for “A house for Pink Floyd” in 2013 , ‘Commendation Award’ for the design competition proposal for the ‘Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB)’ in 2006 etc.

The official website of ‘matterbetter’ has also announced the winning entries. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awarded to William Smith, Hiroshi Kaneko from US; Meaghan Hunter, Kristen Struthers, Danielle Loeb from Canada; and Fabian Tolosa, Ariel Perea, Ignacio Pereyra from UK & Argentina respectively. More detail information about the competition and winning entries can be seen online at .