Competition brief: 

On the great success of ASEDAS 2020 Virtual Exhibition, ASEDAS once again organized the ASEDAS 2021 International Digital Art Exhibition with the theme “NEW HOPE” and inviting all Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Academicians, Students and Public around the globe to join and participate in this great event.

This year ASEDAS Malaysia and CONTEXT are in strategic partnership along with other International Prestigious Universities and brands from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, Iran, Phillipines, USA and so on. CONTEXT, therefore, invites all Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Academicians, Students and Public to participate in this event.

What can be submitted to this event?

Any painting, artwork, illustrations (digital or hand-drawn), photography (modern or traditional), hand embroidery, paper crafts, sculpture, collage, photomontage, model, etc. Please take a photo of it and submit it via the google form.

Scanned or digital version of old or traditional work (painting, crafts) is allowed.

In case of painting, fine art or craft work, digital photograph of them is allowed.

Video Art or (videography / Artificial Intelligence) in mp4 format. 1024×768 pixels size

How many entries can be submitted?

There are no limitations as all submissions will go through a curation and evaluation process.

Why do I have to provide my photo?

As we promised, we are an international exhibition platform affiliated with universities worldwide. We encourage creativity and talent and expose your work through ASEDAS website and partners globally.


  1. Assoc, Prof. Ahamad Tarmizi Azizan (Malaysia)
  2. Dr. Maria Mohamad (Malaysia)
  3. Dr. Jasni Dolah (Malaysia)
  4. Rosidi Semail @ Rossem(Malaysia)
  5. Ariesa Pandanwangi S.Sn (Indonesia)
  6. Yunisa Fitri Andriayani M.Ds. (Indonesia)
  7. Maya Purnama Sari M.Ds. (Indonesia)
  8. Sigit Purnomo Adi M.Sn. (Indonesia)
  9. Roy Espinosa (Philippines)
  10. Mohd Idham (Singapore)
  11. Nguyen Thai Binh (Vietnam)

Jurors for Children’s Category:

  1. Peter Rhian Gunawan MD.s (Indonesia)
  2. Anitra Lykke, Ph.D (Norway)
  3. Elida Maria Matsumoto (Japan)


  1. Prof. Ahamad Tarmizi Azizan (Malaysia),
  2. Prof. Dr. Nuning Damayanti (Indonesia),
  3. Angela Saldanha (Poland)


  • Certificate of Appreciation from Organisers/Head of the departments.
  • Publication on ASEDAS website.
  • Publication in our catalogs and social media accounts with full credits to you/your team.
  • Global exposure across our platform.
  • International exposure across our other partners around the world
  • Opportunity to have your work featured in a curated exhibition (online due to COVID-19).

Schedule: February 15 – April 25, 2021 (Please refer to Google registration form)

E-Catalog compilation 1 – May 15, 2021, or post-event

Compilation E-Book: post Event

Gallery: Maranatha Kirsten University Team

Exhibition opening: Monday, June 1, 2021

Exhibition duration: June 2 – December 31, 2021

The opening will be by Mr. Pustanto – Head of the National Gallery of Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia.

Deadline: 25 APRIL 2021

Registration: (Please refer to Google registration form) NO PRE REGISTRATION REQUIRED.


Theme: New HOPE

Digital photography, illustrations, artwork: A4 JPG or PDF format, 150 to 300 dpi

Manual Traditional art/craft/handiwork: A4 JPG or PDF format, Scanned in High res

Video or Motion graphic: MP4, 1024×768 pixels size

Open Category (aged 18 and up) submission link

Student category (aged 13 to 18) submission link

Children’s Category (aged 4 to 12) submission link

Inquiries: For any inquires please use this contact form.

or direct email to

CONTEXT contributor: Shawlin Isalm, Architect.