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In the evening of Thursday, 4 June Institute of Architects Bangladesh arranged in ‘Chayanat’ a conversation with prominent architect, singer, painter and musician Mustapha Khalid Palash- an event transforming the hot summer evening to a cool and serene ambiance for the audience. The event, though meant for a short conversation, last for an hour and half leaving the audience craving for even more to learn about the architect.

Architect Palash shared amusing stories with the listeners touching different aspects of his venturesome walk though the life. The conversation held at the point of sheer interest of young listeners about the architect known for his apparent introvert conduct. He talked of his early days in BUET, fascination about architecture, starting of his own practice and most uncommonly of some events of his personal life. Memories of his early-life affection to anything about science and buying his first car wondered the audience while they also got an insight about his architectural philosophy and life ideals. The considerate architect drew some light on his thinking process, practice management as well as ‘on and off site’ work procedure which otherwise educated the young architects. He ingeniously infused some important life-skill advices as well for the largely young audience which definitely will help them in their career prospect. The architect was, however, pretty reluctant to name the episodes of his life as ‘stories’.

The event was conducted by Ar. Farhana Sharmin, who at the end conveyed questions from the audience to the architect. She also added a couple of her own relevant to the very interesting and pointful set of questions. Unlike many, Ar Palash did not sidestep the intelligent questions; rather delightfully answered with ethical and philosophical attachment.

The honorable President of IAB , Prof. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed presented the distinguish guest a crest on behalf of the institute as a memoir of the program. The refreshment session was full of choir of the audience chatting and discussing about the conversation and wondering when they might meet the prominent figure again. Good news for them- the renowned architect is expected to present his works soon at another event, details of which can be found in the following link:

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