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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Multi-purpose Amenity Pop Up | Rethinking Public Square in Pandemic Time

Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted our daily activities. It has heightened uncertainty over employment, economy, relationship, and of course physical and mental health.  Even if we get over it through time, its effect will last longer. Mainly, this virus spreads through human contacts. So, until a full proof vaccine arrives, social distancing is the key to fight against this pandemic. The ongoing health measure of living apart means public spaces such as parks, plazas, and markets are all experimenting with ideas that keep the community safe - a new approach to rethink and

অনুভূতির অনুরণন – ফ্র্যাঙ্ক গেরি | Creating Feeling – Frank Gehry

Creating Feeling – Frank Gehry
It is impossible to miss the curving and sinuous structure located in Paris's 16th arrondissement, which has the bearing of a ship built of glass, a building in motion, continually slipping and flowing. This iconic building is the Fondation Louis Vuitton; the museum and cultural centre designed by modern architecture's greatest transformer of shapes, Frank Gehry—the Pritzker prize-winning designer whose iconic buildings such as the Bilbao Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall have earned him the status of a household name. In this interview (hosted by filmmaker Emile

A Romance between Light and Air

This animation is a digital documentation of one of the finest assets of Bengali Architecture. This is also a tribute to one of the crown jewels of regional modernism that architect Mazharul Islam left behind for the generations beyond borders, to come and admire. It is a thank you note to the maestro for showing us how architecture can transcend all the limits of time and space.

Karupannya: A Factory that Breathe

‘Green Industry’ is a globally emerging industrial development practice where symbiotic connections among materials, energy, natural systems and local communities become the central factors in the production process. The factory building for Karupannya Rangpur Ltd., designed by Architect Bayejid Mahbub Khondker and his team, is a pioneering example of such ‘green industry’ initiatives in Bangladesh. The industry celebrates its success in managing energy and waste in sustainable ways while empowering local women who make up the whole workforce of its manual production line. The factory

Architectural Pedagogy and Profession in Bangladesh: Towards Transition?

Often considered as a discipline of ‘the society of spectacle’[1], Architecture ‘education and practice’ have been encountering massive disruption by the ongoing pandemic. Some argue that the crisis has paved the way to revisit the proprieties of the ‘previous normal’ and determines how ready we are to respond, recover and work towards ‘a new normal’ which will let the architect community sustain and thrive during this critical situation.

What should cattle market (Haat) look like during this pandemic?

There are two holy and joyous days for Muslims every year. One of them is Eid-ul-Adha. Numerous cattle are sacrificed every year on Eid-ul-Adha in Bangladesh. How can the cattle market be in this pandemic situation? Architecture students Iftekhar Rashid Rafat and Sakib Abdullah Khan have shared some of their ideas on that.

DIY low-cost isolation module: Inspired from traditional Ram-Kure

The recent pandemic has reshaped various aspects of our life or at least questioned some of them. This COVID-19 situation has changed many of our urban lifestyles and introduced some new guidelines for the future. Experts infer that it will take a long time to control this pandemic, some also predict that it will continue to stay like other seasonal flu. What seems to be inevitable is that it will change our future remarkably.

নগরজীবন ও স্থাপনার গল্প─ রেনজো পিয়ানো | The Story of City-life & Buildings─ Renzo Piano

The article is an abridged version of the discussion where architect Renzo Piano, often referred to as the world’s most prolific museum designer, talks about his philosophy of designing buildings that adapt to the city surroundings in course of time while changing the urban person’s quality of life! The original Q&A conducted by Paul Clemence and published by METROPOLIS on 31 July, 2014, focused on the Italian designer’s professional practice and his understanding of the role of public buildings in a city.

The Effectiveness of Green Building in Pandemic Control | 2nd position in ARCASIA Idea Competition

ARCASIA Committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture organized the international idea competition on the theme of how a Green Building would contribute to COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control. Titled as “The contribution of Green Building in the fight against COVID-19”, the competition called for entries from Architects of the Member Institutes of ARCASIA. The featured project by Architect Shafique Rahman won the second position.


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