Break the bias! But, where do we start?

When talking about successful women, we often compartmentalize that definition of success. More often than not, we judge their success on the basis of their professional achievements or the challenges they overcame on the way to success. In this process, some fundamental aspects of their impact as individuals in society go missing. Beyond the workplace, they have an extended role in their own community and society in general. And when their success is measured in terms of professional achievements, their impact as mothers, caregivers and guardians often gets brushed aside, or taken for

Let’s reach for the stars, together!

The International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world every year on the 8th of March in various capacities. This year's theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Architectural Pedagogy and Profession in Bangladesh: Towards Transition?

Often considered as a discipline of ‘the society of spectacle’[1], Architecture ‘education and practice’ have been encountering massive disruption by the ongoing pandemic. Some argue that the crisis has paved the way to revisit the proprieties of the ‘previous normal’ and determines how ready we are to respond, recover and work towards ‘a new normal’ which will let the architect community sustain and thrive during this critical situation.

Confessions of a non-architect

More often than not, I find myself in the company of fellow architects. When that happens, I am often asked if I am an architect myself. This puts me in an awkward situation. While I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, I am not exactly practicing the profession itself. Years ago, I heard a writer saying in an interview, “You are not a writer if you are not writing.” Similarly, I think, you cannot call yourself an architect if you are not practicing.

Women in Architecture-Where Do We Stand?

"Architecture education takes about five to seven years to reach completion. Another few years of work experience are needed before one can apply for the licensing exam. This is a time consuming process and it coincides with a woman’s childbearing years. Therefore many women have to make a choice between being a mother and being an architect."



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