Confessions of a non-architect

Multiplicity | The branches and the rectangular blocks  combinedly make up the chairs, which are free from gravitational force- a visual representation of the idea that one can combine knowledge of two different areas and create something that is free from preconceived notions © Imran Hasan
More often than not, I find myself in the company of fellow architects. When that happens, I am often asked if I am an architect myself. This puts me in an awkward situation. While I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, I am not exactly practicing the profession itself. Years ago, I heard a writer saying in an interview, “You are not a writer if you are not writing.” Similarly, I think, you cannot call yourself an architect if you are not practicing.

Women in Architecture-Where We Stand?

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"Architecture education takes about five to seven years to reach completion. Another few years of work experience are needed before one can apply for the licensing exam. This is a time consuming process and it coincides with a woman’s childbearing years. Therefore many women have to make a choice between being a mother and being an architect."


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