DIA am Bauhaus ‘School of Thoughts’

Since 2004 Architecture students of Bangladesh are taking part in the International Master program offered by Dessau International Architecture (DIA), Germany. This narration is about author's own experience about DIA's education and campus life.

KU Leuven University at the Heart of Europe

In the field of masters in architecture and masters in urban planning those who want to be more knowledgeable about the urban transformation in different issues, Ku-Leuven in Belgium is one of the best places for them which offers such atmosphere in “Master of Human Settlement” the English taught master program covered in full time one year. This article gives a full illustration of Ku- Leuven.


  • Dusai Resort & Spa - Sylhet  |  VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd. (46,565)
  • JUM CULTURAL COMPLEX, Rangamati | BUET (32,848)
  • Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex | AUST (23,716)
  • Homeostasis | Studio XI Architects (21,028)