Geolocation Map of Vernacular Architecture, Bangladesh

In our attempt to build a comprehensive digital database on the vernacular heritage of Bangladesh, we have generated a map of rural house types based on our initial data collected from reconnaissance surveys, published articles, books, and online sources. A team of architects and architecture students volunteered to produce a series of informative illustrations of rural houses based on

Design. Act Now | Makeshift Isolation Unit and Treatment Facility

The COVID-19 crisis that is intimidating the globe today has overwhelmed human society including architects. The crisis has nakedly exposed the dilemma around the architecture profession; some see the profession that needs support for recovery, while others perceive this creative practice as a means to support recovery. Further, some perceive it as our compulsory, not complementary,

COVID-19 crisis: Our responsibilities – today and tomorrow | Message from Architects

The global spreading of coronavirus is calling on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionary impulses for social connections. The outbreak has shaken the social life and economic stability. Mass quarantines in cities have increased mental health risks as people experience a sense of isolation and loss of control over their lives. Amid this crisis, the outbreak has brought out


  • Dusai Resort & Spa - Sylhet  |  VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd. (66,240)
  • Homeostasis | Studio XI Architects (61,113)
  • Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex | AUST (51,730)
  • JUM CULTURAL COMPLEX, Rangamati | BUET (41,146)