4th Earth Architecture Competition _ 3rd prize winner, Classroom by Archisan

Designing a School for Ghana [ Classroom ] by ARCHISAN
This project won the third place by the design team of Archisan from Bangladesh in the 4th Earth Architecture Competition called by Nka Foundation, 2016. The project emphasized the sustainable structure and cost-efficient construction that can be built with earth and other local materials in rural Ghana.

Little Wonder School , Uttara | STHAPOTIK

Little Wonder School © Sharif Uddin Ahammed
The project 'Little Wonder School' is an exemplary work by STHAPOTIK architects that valorizes local building materials to best fit in urban context like capital Dhaka. With a cost of 16 lac & duration of 2 months only, the school building can perhaps be tagged as low cost project. It is also worthy to mention that the design has done upon considering an existing structure and all the foliage present in the site. "Little Wonder is an early learning center specialized in early childhood development with inclusive learning environment for children from 2 to 8 years old. It is specialized in school readiness program & after school program for both regular and special need children."

HAATKHOLA | A Gallery Cafe by Arjo Sthapotto

Wall decorated with tassels, tinsel & Hariken light of Rickshaw Art | Haatkhola:  Gallery-Cafe © Arjo Sthapotto
Haatkhola is the embodiment of the vision of creating an ideal setting for social interaction, and exchange of culture, knowledge and art.

Ruthna Residence by Ar. Mohammed Shahnawaz

Ruthna Residence © Ar. Mohammed Shahnawaz
This is a project built over a hill which is besides a river juri situated at Moulovibazar, Sylhet. It’s kind of a private banglow in a tea garden naming Ruthna Tea Garden owned by Mr. David Hasnat.


ABODE+ADOBE © Building In Basics
Initially a competition entry, ABODE+ADOBE is now to be built in Abetnim Arts Village in Kumasi, Ghana through a design-build workshop organized by NKA Foundation and BuildingInBasics.

Dwell in the House and Forest | Kishwar Jahan Residence by Ar. Rafiq Azam

© Rafiq Azam
Architect Rafiq Azam being inspired by the lush, riverine landscape of the Bengal delta has always produced pieces of contemporary architecture indulged in the beauty of nature. The project ‘Kishoar Jahan Residence’ is no discreet as he mentioned ‘dwell in the house and forest’ as the core phenomenon. Situated in an urban setup the house proclaims the tranquility of nature through the blend of outdoor-indoor.

Lamisa-Nimo’r Dada Bari

লামিসা নিমো-এর দাদা বাড়ি – ( Grandfather’s house of Lamisa and Nimo) is a vacation house located in Khulna . Designed by architect Sk Moshiur Rahman, the project perhaps holds the intangible aspects of a ‘HOME’ while creating a place that harness an intriguing relationship between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ , between ‘Past’ and ‘Present’, between ‘Grandfather’ and ‘Grandchildren’.

Liberation War Monument at Mohishkhola by Ar Rajon Das | Tribute to Martyrs

© Rajon Das
A tribute to our freedom fighters by District Council in Sunamganj. Architect Rajon Das planned and executed the project with tranquil inspiration. The explanatory text is in Bengali and portrays our emotion as a nation.

Residence at Shahbazpur| Ar. Rajon Das

© Rajon Das
The project situated in a contour site attempts to interpret the architectural concept of a village courtyard dwelling into the interior space of a village home for a city dweller.

Inside The Changing Room| Ar. Muhtadin Iqbal

© Muhtadin Iqbal
This is a small yet interesting project narrated in a curious manner


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