Strolling through the RED LINE AREA

The Legendary Hunter  © Imran Hasan
Life is like the longest of negotiations. We are like skiffs in a turbulent sea, as we struggle to retain some semblance of control while braving the incessant waves of a myriad of challenges, disappointments, exertions and triumphs which daily life throws at us. Physiological and psychological responses to these artistic and ideological exchanges crafted by our (sub)conscious minds come in a variety of forms which are not necessarily tangible or rational in nature. How much of these interactions are actually retained in the foreground of our thinking?

Passion for Die-cast Car Models and Photography | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq

Model Photography and passion for die-cast car models | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq
Being trained as an architect, Saiful Hasan Tariq practiced his wit and skill to produce fantastic photographs of his passion earned collection of miniature car models. He has been collecting scale models of world renowned cars over years and production of ‘Diorama’ triggered the idea of producing photographs of apparently real time moments.

A Journal of Faces | Yafiz Siddiqui

© Yafiz Siddiqui
Yafiz Siddiqui, currently a student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has a passion for drawing portraits. His subjects range from poets, artists, movie stars to the regular working class people. His portraits are featured in the Star Weekend of the Daily Star every Friday.

Sculpture for Nagasaki Peace Park at Japan | (winning entry) by Anindya Pandit

© Anindya Pandit
The project awarded 1st position in open design competition for a sculpture granted by the People's Republic of Bangladesh for Nagasaki Peace Park at Japan.

Pencil Sketches | Tanzila Ahmed

© Tanzila Ahmed

Tanzila Ahmed, currently a student of Architecture of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology makes art with pencils, and has a love for portraits. She gives special attention to details, and targets on making the sketch look as realistic as possible. ‘My love for art started the day my parents took me to the art […]

Into the Realm of A Mind | Illustrations by Reesham Shahab

Into-the-realm | © Reesham Shahab [Tirtha]
Reesham Shahab [Tirtha] tries to peer into the uncharted depths of the mind; searching for duality, contradiction and conflict. Walking through the darkest corners, he tries to show ourselves inside out. His illustrations depict our horrid nightmare,deepest agony, strongest rage, unbearable trauma and despair.

Surreal Illustrations by Architect Forhad

© Mahmudul Islam [Forhad]

Illustration: Mahmudul Islam Forhad | Architect  and Academic Narrator: Ashik Vaskor | Architect and Academic ‘Congregating wisdom’ inspires human being for the adventure of conquest all.  This gathered wisdom is the supremacy- it has the mystic magnetic aura to be invincible. But ultimately this conqueror is alone with his shiny sharp sword of knowledge. He has to […]

Doodles by Ashik Ikbal

©Ashik Ikbal

Architect Ashik Ikbal is a facile doodler. Like most of the other doodlers his drawings made at his subconscious mind while preoccupied with other activities like chatting with fellow colleagues, talking over the phone, attending at a meeting or sitting in any passive environment. Though predominantly subconscious, yet most of his doodles show mindful display […]

Origamic Architecture by Vaj Binnash

Colosseum Origamic Architecture | © Vaj Binnash

Khulna University Architecture student Mahamud Hasan Reaz is very passionate about paper work and likes to do origami and pop- up cards. He drew his inspiration from Japanese origamic architecture, very popular form of paper art widely practice all around the world. In his own word “Artist from other countries make their own architecture in […]


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