Reclaiming the Al-Cazaba

Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition is an international competition jointly organized by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Spain and INTBAU to help, preserve and revive the use of local architectural and urban traditions. The 2018-19 edition is the third round of this competition which was conducted in two stages. Three sites won the first stage: Béjar (Salamanca), Guadix (Granada), and Olite (Navarra). This entry from Bangladesh is a proposal for the second stage of the Guadix site.

Varendra Museum | Metropolitan Architects

Varendra Museum was the first museum to be established in East Bengal in 1910. The museum started out as the collection for Varendra Investigation Society and got its current name in 1919. The Varendra Research Museum building is the oldest museum in Bangladesh, containing priceless collections of sculptures, epigraphs, coins, manuscripts and rare books and periodicals. With limited scope and fund, the following project by Metropolitan Architects seeks to preserve the museum building of colonial era and the priceless collection inside.


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