Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex | AUST

Architectural representation of a person’s philosophy, leadership, journey, and life is a challenging endeavor that often gets lost in the complex aspects of functionality, aesthetics, and zoning. Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex at Kapasia, Gazipur by Md. Shahadat Hossain attempts to negotiate with those challenges in its efforts to portray the inspirational life and journey […]

In Search of Roots: Folklore Museum and Research Centre, Rajshahi

Folklore is the reflection of ordinary life of the commoners. The sublime simplicity of folklore offers uncommon philosophy of life to others. Rajshahi, for instance, an ancient and culturally enriched region of Bengal, is affluent with folk tradition. The establishment of a centre to collect, research, preserve and exhibit local folklore in Rajshahi is on […]

Affordable Housing for Vasantek Slum Dwellers | AIUB

This project has tackled one of the key housing challenges in Bangladesh and globally as well. More than 4 million people live in informal settlements in Dhaka and many are in need of upgrading into better conditions. Studio projects such as this one is vital to ensure that architects are able to engage with the […]

Hybrid Atmosphere | Transforming an Abandoned Subway through Architectural and Digital Media

This project takes on the ongoing argument about separation with physical surroundings in the era of visual-centric digital media. To create an engaging/rich experiential architectural atmosphere today, a balance between digital and physical architectural components is mandatory. This project embraces the novel technology offered in digital media and architecture to bolster the place’s timeless natural […]

The Return of the City’s Water Spine: Chaktai Canal Regeneration

This project from Premier University claimed the 1st prize from Urban Design category in the global student contest – INSPIRELI AWARDS, where around 150 countries had participated with 1400 entries fighting for the title. The project proposed restoring urban water spines to solve water-logging and was praised by jurors from worldwide, notably – Santiago Calatrava […]

Urban Regeneration of Kawran Bazaar

A network of successful public spaces can potentially create a strong perceptual structure for the city that inevitably increase the imageability of that city. Taking  Kawran Bazaar as a case-study, this graduate project explores the notion of high-quality public spaces in regenerating the imageability of Dhaka.   Public spaces are the key to understand the […]

Integrated Handloom Cluster: Design for Weavers’ Collectivisation | BRACU

Handloom/ তাঁতশিল্প, the tradition of weaving clothes by hands, is one of the richest aspects of Bangladeshi culture and heritage. However, today, this prospective commerce is facing threats of extinction because of various problems and obstructions, thus compelling the weavers to leave their holistic profession, weaving. The weavers, who play an instrumental role in the […]

Centre for AI and Robotics Research | MIST

The project tried to billet intelligences under a common umbrella; these aptitudes are the ‘Human intelligence’ and the ‘Artificial intelligence’. It merges together and created a mega structure-a mega complex building under a great shell. The shell of the roof or the structural mega roof sometimes may be pictured ornamental and arbitrary but this structure […]

The City Lungs : A Vision for Future Airports

This design proposal, submitted by a group of Architecture students from North South University, was for a competition launched by Fentress  Architects. The aim was to propose a concept for an airport of the year 2100.  A list of major airports was given for redesign along with some key points to work on such as heritage-inspired, sustainability, […]

From Waste to Wealth: An Adaptive Strategy for Chittagong

Urban solid waste management is a serious environmental issue confronting the cities in developing countries like Bangladesh. Apathy towards the problem, inadequacy of field level information and data, and resource constraints may be blamed for the dismal situation of solid waste management often visible in our cities. In the city of Chittagong, 1037 tons of […]


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