Living between Walls | AIUB

© Maruf and Jihan | Department of Architecture, AIUB

| Notes from the studio tutors | Buildings with shared walls are not uncommon around the world. They are generally known as ‘Row Houses’, where both sides remain closed, and the openings are available in front, back and towards internal courtyards. Typically, this type of house is meant to be a single-family dwelling; however examples […]

Bionic Transmutation: A Vision for an International Airport at Rajshahi

A Vision for Shah Makhdum International Airport, Rajshahi © Rafiud Darazot Saad, AUST

This thesis project is about the design of Shah Makhdum International Airport, which is the most cherished one for the development of the economic strata of Rajshahi division in Bangladesh. The concept is to mimic the natural element into a technological form which will contain the aura of nature transmutated into a more functional space […]

Rethinking Rajshahi Divisional Public Library | An Interactive Learning Platform | BUET

Rethinking Rajshahi Divisional Public Library © Baichi Chaki

| From the Author | Today we are living in a world where distance is not an issue. This is because knowledge and information are in our grasp as we move from an information age to the digitally networked age. Book as our traditional sources of knowledge is housed in the library. Now spaces in which […]

Transcending Tradition: An Incubation and Innovation Centre for Handloom

An Incubation and Innovation Centre for Handloom  © Asaduzzaman Mahi

The proposed facility is designed for the preservation, promotion and proliferation of traditional handloom industry of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The project is sensitive to rich cultural identity of the tribal people and aims to contribute in sustainable living practice in the south-east region of Bangladesh. It also aims to promote local tourism and empower the […]

Two Houses

Two Houses -Two Design Approaches

The following student projects are the examples of two residential buildings designed to meet specific purposes and user needs. The context for the first project is urban with strong historical significance and site forces. In contrast, the second project is situated in a relatively green field context (suburban university campus)  and designed primarily for the […]

Comrade Moni Singh Memorial Complex | AUST

Memorial Complex

This memorial complex is proposed to commemorate Comrade Moni Singh, a preeminent Communist leader in greater Bengal. He was the mentor of the Tanka/ Tonko and Tevaga Movements and founder of communist party in pre-independence Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan). The monument is purpose-built to create an experiential journey for visitors. Spaces are articulated to […]

Chennai Chooses: Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) 2019 | BUET

Chennai Chooses 11

The proposal “Chennai Chooses” was one of the three special mentions by the jurors in the design competition Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) 2019 and was appreciated for the social innovation. The annual DRIA international design competition encourages foresighted urban and architectural design proposals, as well as promotes innovation in building technologies to ensure a […]

Product Design: Essential Tools for Life | CUET

© Dept. of Architecture, CUET

Everyday we use numerous products. We get to see diverse products while visiting a shop, but only pick those we need, fit our requirements, meet the ergonomics of our body and match the expected price. The featured works by the Architecture students of CUET demonstrate the creative process of product design involving brainstorming of ideas, […]

Coexistence: Community-based Tourism in Hakaluki Haor

Community-based Tourism in Hakaluki Haor © Sampad Khalifa

Hakaluki Haor, a wetland of Bangladesh, is a shallow depression of bowl shape. In monsoon, the haor becomes vast stretches of turbulent water that turns into a vast inland sea within which the villages seem as islands. Again they all but dry up in the post-monsoon period. During winter, these haors are vast stretches of […]

Destigmatizing Daulatdia: Transforming Brothel, Restoring Lives

© Shamima Sultana Setu | AIUB

Sex workers are an extremely marginalized group of people and often denied access to basic health or housing services. Daulatdia, a village of 1,600 sex workers  who serve 3,000 men every day on an average, is one of the largest brothel in Bangladesh. Opened around 1988, it is currently one of the 20 officially sanctioned […]


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