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© Dept. of Architecture | KU


ArchKU Degree Show is the biggest event of ArchKU ( Architecture discipline, Khulna University)  to celebrate the success of final year students completing their B. Arch program. This annual event provides a platform for these graduating students to showcase their design theses to public. It is also an opportunity for potential employers, friends, family, industries and members of the public to see the projects and discuss with them about their products and experience. In general, each project portrays the identification of real-world problems pertaining to a wide spectrum of built environment and design-based approaches to address the problems. The show is accompanied by innovative visual presentations including models, posters, and animations, highlighting each students’ distinct achievement and contribution to the field of architecture.

This year 29 graduating students are going to participate in this ArchKU’s two-day long event showcasing the culmination of their academic learning of B.Arch with their inspirational works. The entire ArchKU team arranges three galleries in where thesis projects are exhibited into three different themes.

Theme 1: Cities for all

Projects under this theme address the vision which ensure sustainability socially, economically, and focus on intergenerational environmental justice.

Theme 2: Inclusive settlement

Projects those appreciate the deepest lifestyle aspiration while solving practice requirements belong to this theme.

Theme 3: Environmental justice

This theme includes the projects that highlight bottom-up approaches often grounded in the everyday life and experiential knowledge.


DAY 01 : March 18, 2018

10:00 am-11:00 am  |   Inauguration program

11:00 am  | Gallery opening

11:00 am-8:00 pm  | Boithoke Baramkhana

DAY 2 : March 19, 2018

10:00 am-8:00 pm  |  Exhibition gallery (open for all)

5:00 pm-7:00 pm |  Abhishondorbher Eetikotha


Architecture Discipline

Dr. Satynedra Nath  Bose Academic  Building

2nd floor , Khulna University

About ArchKU

With a profound commitment to the unique cultural and architectural heritage of Bengal and its deltaic landscape, Architecture Discipline, Khulna University (ArchKU) aims to produce a new generation of architects, who are prepared to meet the emerging local, regional and global challenges. ArchKU a stimulating learning environment that promotes criticality, originality, imagination, inquiry and experimentation reflecting upon the context-bound design problems in a predominantly decontextualized knowledge base. As one of the leading architecture schools in Bangladesh, we have been drawing attention of extraordinary students, staffs and visitors from both home and abroad. With expertise in diverse fields, tutors here are dedicated to research and teaching, encompassing responsive pedagogy, interdisciplinary collaborations and appropriate methodologies that often draw from multidisciplinary sources. Our graduates are the most sought after in the job market, and especially known for their commitment, creativity and skills. Works produced by our graduates and students are regularly awarded for their outstanding merit and originality. Such works are often exhibited at renowned galleries and events locally and internationally. The discipline’s Degree Show attracts visitors from around the country and manifests a key event for Khulna University campus. ArchKU offers ample resources which include libraries, labs and ICT facilities. It also organizes regular lectures and seminar series, while hosting numerous informal learning events, dialogues and workshops  among and between its peers.

We look forward to welcoming you to ArchKU family.

CONTEXT contributor : Arup Nag | student, Architecture discipline, Khulna University