Workshop | Environmental Education is Basic Human Right

Environmental Education Workshop Sydney 2016
Environmental Education Workshop Sydney 2016


The Australian workshop objectives are to

-share background, experience and knowledge in establishing effective environmental education as part of main stream curriculum in Australia and surrounding countries;

-explore ways to influence government to ensure adequacy in curriculum on environmental education as part of the mainstream education system.

-agree to develop a strategy and set of actions to forward the global campaign ‘Environmental Education is Basic Human Right’ taking Bangladesh as a case study.


Conceptualized and Initiated by


Supported by

UNSW Australia | HiiL | Bangladesh Architects in Australia (BaA)

Knowledge partner and powered by

Prokriti o Jibon Foundation | Cambrian Education Group

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10:00 Arrival / Tea Coffee /Greetings
10:30 Welcome and introduction
  Associate Professor Paul Brown

Environmental Humanities, UNSW

Producer Alphaville–

linking environment, science and the creative arts


10:40 Welcome
  Kazi Imtiaz Hossain

Hon. High Commissioner for Bangladesh in Australia


10.45 Environmental education is Basic Human Right: the Global Campaign
  Farhadur Reza

President, Build Bangladesh


11:00 Environmental education in Bangladesh
  Muquid Majumdar Babu

Chairman Prokritio JibonFoundation

and Founding Director Impress Group.


11:15 Environmental education in Australia
  Grahame Collier

former President AAEE


11:30 Workshop
  Workshop background and expected outcomes

Facilitated by Architect Iftekhar Abdullah (BaA)


11:35 Part One –Collective discussion
  Issue One:

Needs assessment and components of environmental

education formal/institutional, informal/media

Paul Brown to lead


  Issue Two:

Identify Stakeholders for support/Target audiences/

recipients/ Communication Strategy (global and local)

facilitator Sue Martin

AAEE Schools subcommittee.


  Issue Three:

Governance –Establishment of a Multinational

Task Force Required Resources and Support

facilitated by Samik Waiz (BaA)


12:35 Part One Summary
  Shamim Ahmed ( PoJF) and Tanu Murang(BaA)
12:45 Lunch Break
1:15 Part Two
  Facilitated workshop among all participants

(60 minutes for group discussion 15 minutes to report back)

introduced by Tanvir Ahmed (BaA)


  Topic :

Adequacy, Effectiveness and Accountability:

Prioritisation of Environmental

and Sustainability Education in Bangladesh

with lessons to be learnt from Australia

facilitated by

Dr. Sylvia Almedia (Monash University) and

Dr. Mahbub Sarkar (Monash University)


2:30 Where to from here?
  Summary of workshop including:

identify tangible outcomes,

formulation of a Multinational Task Force to lead the agenda and action items with roles and responsibilities.

Associate Professor Paul Brown (UNSW)


3:00 Concluding remarks and thanks
  Farhadur Reza

President, Build Bangladesh


3:15 END