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Architecture discipline of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) celebrated the big moment of Thesis Jury of its first graduating batch. The three daylong grand festival, started from 31 December 2015 to 2 January 2016, was inaugurated by the Dean of the Department of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning Dr. Md. Mostofa Kamal. The presence of renowned persons from academic and professional field  made the event a success.

Almost every project presented in the jury session led to lively discussion that enhanced the essence of the jury as a learning process. The students skillfully explained their projects with sketches, drawings and models. Thoughtful analysis was the counterpart from the selection to solution of every project. Some highly appreciated projects were “Retrospective of Modern Art” designed by Qazi Shamsud Tamzeed, “Resettlement of a Riverine Fisherman Village” by Sarah Binte Haque “Breathing Hydrological Infrastructure” by Amit Imtiaz, “Reviving an Ancient City (Devaparvat) through a central masterplan at Shalban Bihar” by Nusrat Jahan Nipu, “Halda river research station” by Sayma Sultana Guria.

The distinguished guests were Dr. Farida Nilufar (Head and Professor, Department of Architecture, BUET), Dr. Shayer Ghafur (Professor, BUET), Ar. Jalal Ahmed, Dr. Khandaker Sabbir Ahmed (Professor, BUET), Dr. Zakiul Islam (Professor, BUET,) Ar. Harun-Ur Rashid (Professor, NSU), Ar. Uttom Saha, Ar. Adnan Morshed (Associate Professor, CUA), Ar. Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad (Assoc Professor, BUET),  Ar. Abu Sayeed Mostaque Ahmed, Ar. Pattrick D’ Rozario (Asst. Professor, BUET) Ar. Bidhan Barua, Ar. Faruq Ahmed, Ar. Kazi shams Touhid, Ar. Nazma Suriya Khan, Ar. Imanul Haque, Ar. Ashik Imran, Ar. Asad, Ar. Shovon and many others. Design studio mentors were Ar. Najm-ul Latif, Ar. Shajib Paul and Ar. Debsree Mandal.

The long event was concluded with book giving ceremony by Ar. Jalal Ahmed for the Department followed by a note of thanks by the studio tutors.

Congratulations to the fresh graduates and best wishes for the bright future ahead!

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