Once again Bangladeshi young architects got recognition at the global arena for their social contribution through architectural practice. Ghorami .Jon, activist architects, won the Architecture Sans Frontières (ASF), 2015 Honorary Mention award for their ‘Transient Classroom for Singra Ramkrishnapur Girls High School’ project.

Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF Int), in partnership with the South of North network,  offered an award to honor the architects creating effective solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges facing the built environment. The goal of the award was to promote and reward those initiatives or practices which will encourage an exchange of ideas and challenge the profession to develop “more inclusive, participatory, relevant, accessible, equitable as well as sustainable” construction of social facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of the most vulnerable sectors of the world’s population. Of 68 submissions around the world, Ghorami.Jon made their mark in the award list.

The three winning projects were:  SPACES FOR PEACE  from Venezuela and  LA PASSERELLE  from France won the award for  ‘Social Production of Habitat’ and BUILDING TRUST INTERNATIONAL won the award in  ‘Challenging Practice’ category.

Congratulations to the award recipients and specially Ghorami.Jon for contributing to the betterment of society through their inspiring and insightful project.

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