One of the most influential architects of South Asia, convener of modern architecture in post independence India, Architect Charles Correa died in 16 June this year. Essence of his work had a great impact in shaping the approach of regional architecture in the subcontinent and Bangladeshi architects are no discrete from the scenario. The Institute of architects Bangladesh plaid homage to the brilliant architect by organizing a discussion on him with prominent local architects and Architect Partha Ranjan Das from India. Professor Shamsul Wares, Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil and Architect Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad were the local invitees while Architect Partha came from Kolkata. The latter had the opportunity to work with Correa in person. This time CONTEXT team had the privilege to play a part in organizing and shaping up the event with IAB.

The first speaker was Architect Partha. His personal experience with Correa was the key attraction of the speech. He also explained several local (Indian) and international projects focusing on architectural excellence. Professor Shamsul wares with his usual disinterest to ‘slide presentation’ delivered an engaging speech on the phases of Charles Correa’s works explaining the tranquility and concepts embedded within. He also explained the state of Indian subcontinent from where Correa had began his exceptional journey.

Unfortunately Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil could not attend in person, but to his generosity he sent a video recording of his speech. He explained Correa from the view point of an architect graduated in early 80s. Architect Nahas mentioned how the projects of Correa, seen through the hardly available magazines and books started to have a footprint in their mind. He also advised students and young graduates about the thin line of what to grasp and what might be subject to avoidance due to different climate and social condition. Starting with the interesting ‘Dronacharya-Ekalavya’ story Architect Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad called himself a student of the ‘red book’ (Charles Correa: Architect in India, Butterworth Architecture 1989). He explained several of Correa’s projects through slides but insisted on the thematic influence of the architects work and essence of his concept rather than just relying on stylistic or materialistic impact. His speech was informative yet enchanting.

Architect Kazi Golam Nasir, the Chief Architect of Department of Architecture, GOB presented crests to the invitees along with a short speech about his personal experience of City Centre, Kolkata. Continuing her enormous effort as the Secretary- seminar of the institute, Architect Farhana Sharmin Emu organized and moderated the event. CONTEXT team played their part with Architect Emu starting from planning to realization. All in all it was a remarkable event much appreciated by the audience.


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