| Ar. Tabassum Zarin, Ar. Maliha Afroze Nitu |

The evening of 9th June in Dhanmondi at Auronee Bidyalaya witnessed a lively conversation between young and senior architects at the program # 364 of the forum for architecture, MONGOLBARER SHABHA. A panel of distinguished architects: Saif Ul haque (SHS), Nahas Ahmed Khalil (ARC consultants), Jalal Ahmed(JA Architects), Ehsan Khan (EK Architects), Tughlaq Azad (Somunnay), Salauddin Ahmed (Atelier Robin Architects), Marina Tabassum (MTA) were engaged in a discussion with  young promising architects from  Ar. Emran & Associates, FORM.3 Architects, CUBEINSIDE, GHORAMI.JON , Stha. Ni.K. Architectural Consultants, Deshar Works and  Ar. Imrul Kayes along with many young audiences.

Architect Nabi Newaz Khan Shomin started the session by inviting every participant to share their thoughts freely in the session. Whole event went through lively discussion on architecture practice through different times; how it was in past and how it is transforming today. Hence, the issues like design process and its challenges, visions and practicalities were raised and discussed by the participants. In reply to an inquiry led by Emran Hossain, Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil shared his experience on facing the stumbling block at different phases he passed through his carrier and his continuous effort to adapt with the changing time and context. Marina Tabassum affirmed “Not only architecture, I think any creative media is about search. You are always at the cross road and there will be search. The matter for search varies as per need of that specific time. But there are matters that are constant: to be true, to be passionate about the work you did, to keep on questioning , to keep on assessing what we are doing , to standby and say this is my building”.  She referred the terms “Hunter phase” for the young architects denoting their struggling period and “Farmer phase” noting the period when they continue to expand their knowledge and experience.  In follow up discussions, Nahas Khalil , Ehsan Khan and Saif Ul Haque  drew reference of architecture of diverse expression by Louis I Kahn , Le Corbusier and specially Mazharul Islam to explain how ‘style’ is guided by design philosophy which perhaps evolves with time and space. Ehsan Khan opined “A senior Architect is more focused as they often take decision on the basis of their experience and knowledge, whereas an Architect, relatively young in profession, who is not tested much yet, might try with diverse options. In that sense young architects are more diversified.” In a different note, Saif Ul Haque mentioned “I strongly believe Architecture can make a difference; It can not only change the environment but also the society and people it is meant to.”

The young architects shared their views and expressed their understanding about architecture and profession. Ar. Didarul Islam Bhuiyan, Ar. Imrul Kayes, Ar. Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon, Ar. Saiqa Iqbal Meghna, Ar. Fuad Abdul Quaium and Ar. Rashed Chowdhury drew questions on diverse issues like  social responsibility of architect, need for exploration, architect –client relationship, practicalities or challenges of execution etc. In reply, Saif Ul Haque, Salauddin Ahmed, Marina Tabbassum shared their thoughts. They opined that discussion on architecture should be done more on public media and social platform rather than confined within our studio or academic precinct.

The program got its conclusion by Saif Ul Haque and Nabi Newaz Khan Shomin’s remarks that it is a beginning of this kind of interactive sessions and they proposed more of this theme. The organizer was looking forward to continue the session in a more elaborate manner as the  evening stirred up a potent vibe among the young participants which perhaps gave a better direction further  to achieve the aim they are intended to pursue.

 Add-on: Mongolbarer Shabha arranged the 2nd sequel on June 16 and two more sessions will be followed by.