One of the most critically acclaimed architects in South Asia-Architect Bashirul Haq participated in a talk at Chayanat auditorium on 20 August, Thursday. The talk was a part of the lecture series ‘Sharing Stories’ organized by Institute of Architects Bangladesh in regular interval. The rain soaked evening and the spell bound audience provided the architect a perfect opportunity for a walk in the memory lane which at the end turned out to be a very informative discussion.

Architect Haq started with the stories of his childhood, his studies in Dhaka college and initial days of architecture education in the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. He talked about how he ended up studying and working in United States being patronized and somewhat financially assisted by the prominent structural engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan. His refusal to work in US to establish own practice in Dhaka was inspirational for young graduates. The architect’s friendly discussion of his initial commissions and set up of first office sorted curiosity of many.

Form the stories Mr. Haq moved to discuss some of his projects explaining how he perceive a project form beginning to end considering its context to the foremost. A number of projects including his own residence portrayed his sensitivity to nature, respect to culture and inclination to sustainability. He presented his Chittagong University Ayne (law) Bhaban, a recent project in detail explaining how the contour site was respected and somewhat utilized which is just a kilometer away from Architect Majharul Islam’s iconic Chittagong University complex. All in all this part shined with glimpse of his well known ideological environment responsive architectural style.

The talk was followed by the regular yet interesting question answer session which drew insight in the profession of Architecture in our country, architect-client relationship etc. Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu (Secretary Seminar, IAB)moderated the occasion with her wit and familiar glimpse of humor.