Chandigarh Unbuilt © Archasm 2015
Chandigarh Unbuilt © Archasm 2015



Archasm invites architects, students, engineers, designers, artists and philosophers to send in their entries for our competition.

_ Idea based competition

_ Single stage competition

_ Team of maximum three members

_ No professional qualification necessary for eligibility

_ Teams can be interdisciplinary



We tend to explore and unearth the various characteristics of unbuilt Chandigarh through this competition, that were conceived by Le Corbusier but remained confined to documents, pictures and archives and try to contemplate the possibilities of turning all these visions into a reality for the city, both in their original context and present day scenarios and changes. This competition would discuss the relevance and importance of modernistic principles in a contemporary era where the needs of the city have changed drastically and need to be addressed by a more creative approach rather than a conservative one.

Chandigarh Unbuilt © Archasm 2015
Chandigarh Unbuilt © Archasm 2015


_ First prize- INR 1,00,000/- + Certificate

_ Second prize- INR 60,000/- + Certificate

_ Third prize- INR 40,000/- + Certificate

_ 10 Honorable mentions

Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us. The jury for the competitions will be done by renowned and eminent personalities from the field of architecture and design, ranging from academicians to established national as well as international architects.


Registration [+]

Registration open _ 01 August, 2015

 Early Registration until 30 September, 2015

For Indian nationals- INR 900 (per team)

For Foreign nationals- EUR 60 (per team)

 Standard Registration until 30 October, 2015

For Indian nationals- INR 1200 (per team)

For Foreign nationals- EUR 80 (per team)


_ Release of briefs/Start of the competition _  01 August, 2015

Closing day for submission _ 31 October, 2015

_ Announcement of Winners18 November, 2015

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