Competition brief :

Aims and objectives:

This is Gender, the global photography competition hosted by Global Health 50/50, is back. Now in our second year, we invite photographers to share their vision of what gender looks like and to submit photographs that explore the diverse ways in which gender norms – rigid and fluid, traditional and progressive – are lived and subverted by men, women and non-binary people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has held a mirror up to society and revealed our relationship to our environments, each other and the systems in which we live. In turn, the pandemic has exposed existing social fractures and inequalities. As borders have closed and our gaze has turned inward, the pandemic has both exasperated pervasive and restrictive notions of gender roles and catalysed transformations in the gendered landscape.

At this moment of global upheaval, lives and society at large are being impacted and changed in diverse and gendered ways. It’s now more important than ever to produce and distribute imagery that reflects the diverse realities of gender. We encourage photographers to contribute to expanding the imagery associated with the concept of gender by exploring, for example:

  • How the landscape of work – professional, domestic, care or otherwise – is gendered
  • How gender intersects with health and wellbeing
  • How politics and commercial industries exploit gender roles and how they are challenged
  • How gender intersects with other aspects of identities and vulnerabilities

We are particularly interested, but not exclusively, in works that contemplate these topics in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design considerations/Evaluation criteria:

The judging panel of international experts will assess the works based on two separate categories.

Visual merit and creativity:

  1. Strong visual impact
  2. Thoughtful, considered composition and framing
  3. Use of colour (or intentional lack of colour) and creativity

Storytelling and perspective:

  • Clear link to gender and/or health
  • Strong story behind the image
  • Unique perspective on the subject


SUHAIR KHAN- Strategic Projects at Google and Founder/Director of Open/Ended

ESSICA HORN- Founding member, African Feminist Forum and Commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health

ESRA’A AL SHAFEI- Human rights activist and founder of

AZU NWAGBOGU- Founder and Director of African Artists’ Foundation 

Rochelle Burgess- University College London

Ayesha Ahmad- St George’s, University of London

Imogen Bakelmun- Global Health 50/50


  • £500 cash prize for first place and cash prizes available for secondary category awards.
  • Global exposure across our platform, media partnerships and through our world-recognised annual report.
  • Opportunity to have your work featured in a curated exhibition (online if COVID-19 dicatates).
  • Opportunity to join our global photographer database and connect with organisations and individuals seeking imagery to complement their work in global health and development.
  • GH5050 certificate for outstanding depiction of gender.


Submissions Open: 01 Oct ‘20 – 22:00

Submissions Close: 03 Jan ‘21 – 04:00

Final Round: 01 Feb ‘21 – 20:00

Registration: Visit to register- HERE

Submission: Submissions are mandatory through the Zealous portal only

Inquiries: HERE

CONTEXT contributor: Shawlin Islam, Architect.