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© Department of Architecture, CUET
© Department of Architecture, CUET


“Ebong” the batch who initiated the journey of Architecture at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology are going to present their final thesis/project jury from 30 December,2015 to 2 January 2016.
Projects Title :

Day 1:

01. Design of A Maritime Academy, Pabna.
02. Karnafuli Riverfront Development : Connectivity Between Water & Human.
03. Chittagong Cyber & Technology Center.
04. Experiencing Boundless Space for Tourist, Kaptai-Rangamati Link Road.
05. Automobile Exhibition & Assembly Plant at Anwara.
06. Enlighting Juvenile Delinquency : A Complex for Correctional & Rehabilitation Facilities.
07. Retrospective of Modern Art : (A Museum in Perspective)
08. Revitalization of Anderkilla Shahi Jame Mosque, Chittagong..
Day 2:

09. Ethnological Cultural Center, Prantik Lake, Bandarban..
10. Breathing Hydrological Infrastructure, Alikadam, Bandarban.
11. Oceanographic Research Center & Marine Aquarium, Cox’s Bazar..
12. S.M.Sultan Cultural Complex,Narail..
13. Re-imagining the Settlement of Urban Foothill Community of Chittagong.
14. -Modal Terminal at Narayanganj, Falpatti, Narayanganj
15. Rabindra University, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj.
16. Kolpolok Dream Civic Center, Chittagong.
17. Resettlement of A Riverine Fisherman Village on the Bank of Karnaphully.
18. Chittagong International Exposition Center : A Platform for Flourishing Business Tourism.
Day 3:

19. Halda River Research Station, Uttar Mohora, Chittagong
20. Reviving An Ancient City (Devaparvat) Through A Central Master Plan at the Site of Shalban Bihara..
21. Shelter for Struggling Mind : A Complex for Healing Mental Illness, Savar, Dhaka.
22. Travel Through Time : Revitalization of Chaktai Commercial Area.


N.B. Project will be randomly chosen for any particular day