Architectural Pedagogy and Profession in Bangladesh: Towards Transition?

State of Architecture Education in Bangladesh during the pandemic (as of 30 June, 2020) © CONTEXT
Often considered as a discipline of ‘the society of spectacle’[1], Architecture ‘education and practice’ have been encountering massive disruption by the ongoing pandemic. Some argue that the crisis has paved the way to revisit the proprieties of the ‘previous normal’ and determines how ready we are to respond, recover and work towards ‘a new normal’ which will let the architect community sustain and thrive during this critical situation.

A New Mindset for the New Paradigm

Covid19 global map source:  John hopkins Resource Centre , as of 22 June 2020

Sadequl Arefin Saif | CONTEXT It will surely be nice easing back into our old routines, only now with extra care. However, we chalk our coronavirus stories out – eternal losses, Zoom meetings, perpetuating petty thoughts and implausible insecurities, or barely trying to keep ourselves sane, chances are that psychologists, scholars and thinkers from around […]

What should cattle market (Haat) look like during this pandemic?

© Iftekhar Rashid Rafat and Sakib Abdullah Khan
There are two holy and joyous days for Muslims every year. One of them is Eid-ul-Adha. Numerous cattle are sacrificed every year on Eid-ul-Adha in Bangladesh. How can the cattle market be in this pandemic situation? Architecture students Iftekhar Rashid Rafat and Sakib Abdullah Khan have shared some of their ideas on that.

DIY low-cost isolation module: Inspired from traditional Ram-Kure

DIY isolation module  © Authors
The recent pandemic has reshaped various aspects of our life or at least questioned some of them. This COVID-19 situation has changed many of our urban lifestyles and introduced some new guidelines for the future. Experts infer that it will take a long time to control this pandemic, some also predict that it will continue to stay like other seasonal flu. What seems to be inevitable is that it will change our future remarkably.

The Effectiveness of Green Building in Pandemic Control | 2nd position in ARCASIA Idea Competition

© Ar. Shafique Rahman
ARCASIA Committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture organized the international idea competition on the theme of how a Green Building would contribute to COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control. Titled as “The contribution of Green Building in the fight against COVID-19”, the competition called for entries from Architects of the Member Institutes of ARCASIA. The featured project by Architect Shafique Rahman won the second position.

Pandemic preparedness of built environment: Lessons learned from COVID-19

Overlooking terraces and balconies as social spaces while maintaining physical distance| Designed by Faria Tabassum
Knowing the COVID-19 situation and designing for it are two different things. Rather than being lost in uncertainty, studio ARCH 402 of Daffodil International University (DIU) felt the urgency to anticipate the possible changes in the built environment that may come in the future.

Quarantine Diary | Saba Islam

Day-19 of quarantine  © Saba Islam
It was not at all easy for anyone of us to get used to the sudden drastic changes in our regular life brought by the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. Some of us are just lucky to have all the family members together with them during this highly uncertain time! These pen sketches are Saba’s attempts to visualize some of the moments of home quarantine of herself and her family.

জরুরি সময়ে অস্থায়ী হাসপাতাল | Field Hospital during COVID-19 Emergency

রেলের বগির ব্যবহার (Re-purposing train carriage as emergency field hospital) ©Amlan Kumar Dey
In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, a number of innovative ideas have been surfaced globally to ease the pressure on the existing health infrastructure. Among others, ICU pods made from shipping containers designed by Italian architects Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota, or conversion of train coaches into isolation wards by the Indian Railways are mentionable. This article, written by the Architecture students of SUST, draws out the implication of these ideas in the Bangladesh context.

Take Measure | Design | Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station-NSU

Take Measure, Design, Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station

Project: Take Measure | Design | Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station [Note from Architect Tasnuva Sarwat | Faculty, Department of architecture, North South University] The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and its effects and consequences are being felt by every citizen in every country, most acutely in resource-scarce regions like Bangladesh. […]

Design. Act Now | Makeshift Isolation Unit and Treatment Facility

design act now COVID 19
The COVID-19 crisis that is intimidating the globe today has overwhelmed human society including architects. The crisis has nakedly exposed the dilemma around the architecture profession; some see the profession that needs support for recovery, while others perceive this creative practice as a means to support recovery. Further, some perceive it as our compulsory, not complementary, responsibility to eject a thoughtful, architecturally conceived solution that can act as a consequential weapon of our competence to intervene in the war between humans and the pandemic disorder. Reflecting on


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