Quarantine Diary | Saba Islam

Day-19 of quarantine  © Saba Islam
It was not at all easy for anyone of us to get used to the sudden drastic changes in our regular life brought by the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. Some of us are just lucky to have all the family members together with them during this highly uncertain time! These pen sketches are Saba’s attempts to visualize some of the moments of home quarantine of herself and her family.

Architecture in Colors | Asad Hossen

© Asad Hossen
This study of colors is a personal exploration project: what if we change the colors of the celebrated architectures that surround us? What kind of emotions do they bring from us if we see them in colors? With each illustration, Asad Hossen- an architect, urbanist and graphic designer- wanted to create mood, a bond between the users and the spaces surrounded it; A hint of nostalgia or sometimes a personal moment indulged in thoughts looking at the spaces created by the architect. The palettes are endless, so are the opportunities!

Child-friendly space: A safe place to play, learn and participate

© Quazi Wafiq Alam
The project is designed to address children's specific needs in the refugee camp environment, and to give them a chance to just be children again.

Aloon Lar Shay Pha la (Come and see us) : Display and production center for Rohingya women

© Architect Khwaja Fatmi and her team
The display center offers a platform for the Rohingya women to create, showcase and sell handmade products to the visitors. The process of the making of the center was focused more on the participation of the users and the artisans than the usual top-down method.

An Enclosure of Permeability and Aperture: ARCASIA Pavilion at Dhaka

ARCASIA Pavilion at Dhaka by Sthanik Consultants and Studio Morphogenesis Ltd | Photo Courtesy: Noufel Sharif Sojol
A public exhibition is evidently based on experiential images, images that create memories. The ARCASIA Exhibition pavilion in Gulshan Park is conceived as a poetic response to the city dweller’s desire to gather and meet in a vibrant atmosphere that can be experienced in multiple ways.

Caught in Circumstances: An Integrated Community Centre in Kutupalong Refugee Camp

Integrated Community Centre in  Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp © Rizvi Hassan and Team
For more than two years, the Bangladeshi host community has been sharing its resources with the Rohingya refugees in the world's largest camp in Kutupalong. The recent spike in violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State has become the new source of tension in the camp. With support from humanitarian organizations, this community centre is designed to relieve tension and build trust between the majority and minority groups in the camp.

Visual Chronicles of Urban Life

©  Md. Raihanul Hai
Artists have long been fascinated by the form and texture, order and chaos, or by the energy of urban life. Raihan, a self-taught artist with a background in architecture, is using his drawing skills not only to explore the world we live in but also to document them. Drawn on location, Raihan’s urban sketches are intricate representations of the coexistence of past and present, light and shadow, nonliving and living matters of the city.   

Psithurism | Imran Hasan

Psithurism © Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan is a self-taught artist and full time practicing architect. He chooses his subjects from natural elements that helps to convey a particular narrative though his artworks.

Chef’s Kitchen: A Diner Starring Recycled Materials

The interior of Chef's Kitchen is starring recycled furniture and materials  © Zero Inch Interior's Ltd
Zero Inch Interior’s Limited took up recycling, upcycling and repurposing as design approaches for the interior of Chef’s Kitchen- an Indian Cuisine restaurant in Dhaka. While complying with clients functional and budgetary requirements, the cozy and warm interior environment has created a captivating dining experience for the food lovers.

Beyond Survival: A Safe Space for Rohingya Women and Girls

© Rizvi Hassan and Team
The harrowing experience of conflict, displacement and associated stresses have disproportionately affected the Rohingya women and girls, who need urgent supports. Safe Space for Women and Girls, serving as a platform, allows Rohingya women and girls to advocate for basic services. The facility also plays a key role in providing women’s access to community support networks while strengthening social relationship.


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