Water Bus Terminal on River Karnaphuli | Vector Plinth

Since 2019, the Chittagong Port Authority has been operating water bus services in Karnaphuli River to reduce the traffic congestion and sufferings of Chattogram city dwellers. Under this new plan, modern landing stations, pontoons and necessary infrastructure are being constructed to make water travel more popular among the commuters. The featured project is one of the terminal buildings designed by Vector Plinth.

A Collection of Collages | Rashu

Architect Rashu’s digital collages are imbued with energy and emotion. She uses virtual images of buildings, layering together with colours, textures and cutouts to create a whole new work of art.

KDS Head Office | Weavers’ Studio

The following proposal was created by “Weaver’s Studio” team, which has been nominated by KDS Group, a multinational industrial organization originating in Bangladesh, through an architectural design competition (2019). The client decided to build their head office adjacent to one of their RMG factories situated in the location.

Nayantara Residence: A Home with a Heart

What makes a house a home? - A rhetorical question that built environment professionals are often encountered with. Popular belief is that a home is a place where you feel warm and cozy. You have things around you that are special and have meaning, but most of all you are surrounded by people you love and who love you. It is, therefore, the family that makes a house a home by living in it and making it special. When it comes to design, it requires thoughtful reflection of complex cultural, social and psychological traits of the users. The featured project by architect Jishnu Kumar Das is an example of such inside-out approach of space design that puts a family at the heart of a home.

Architectural Documentation of Kutub Shah Mosque, Kishoreganj

Kutub Shah Mosque, Austagram, Kishoreganj is under-protected by the Department of Archaeology (DoA) as National Monument. Recently the architectural documentation works have been done by Architect Khandokar Mahfuz Alam and his team.

Dear Dhaka… | Asad Hossen

‘Dear Dhaka’ series by Architect Asad Hossen attempts to encapsulate the distinguished architectural history of Dhaka; with a pinch of magic and nostalgia. Remembering our past, these illustrations depict the heritages of Dhaka in its heyday treating each heritage as story-telling paradox unveiling untold stories of the past. The series makes effort to raise empathy and awareness for these heritages.

Administrative Building for DIU | Archeground Ltd.

Archeground, one of the highly acclaimed design practices in the country, is producing innovative and functional architecture since its inception. The featured project is another example of Archeground’s inventive thinking which exhibits “delicate form of craftsmanship” in its use of finish materials. The monolithic exterior of this so-called ‘Red Building’ was the subject of experimentation for Archeground to explore and test a new alternative to traditional shell lime plaster. - Editor

Ajo Idea Space | Dehsar Works

Situated on a long, narrow plot in a residential neighbourhood, this award winning café features vertically layered yet singular space stands beneath an elegant vaulted ceiling. Beyond exposing the rich structural elements, the ceiling grants a natural and compelling contrast to the interior space. The juxtaposition of building materials and the greenery that surround them is endlessly fascinating and adds warmth to the interior.

Bidyanondo Sampriti Orphanage School

The school is a bamboo-built structure on a raised timber platform and closely geared to the site and surrounding views of water and farmlands. The work is strongly archetypal, with the rectilinear plan metaphorically centred on a ‘hearth’ in the foyer. In that sense, the constructions of ‘Indigeneity’ are both formal and spatial. The building constructs an ‘Indigenous’ space and imagery which connects with the local spirit. It is a site of cultural production, an archetypal quest for an architecture that is sensitive to the local context and indigenous building tradition. - Editor

Through the Spirit of Time and Place

Nishan Barua, an architecture graduate and self-taught artist, has a passion for arts. He has been practicing oil painting for more than seven years and is currently running a studio called ‘Studio Artestra’ - a painting and design studio collaborating art and architecture. Cityscape, urban and metro, natural elements are his sources of inspiration for abstract, abstract- impression and impression form in his artworks. His favorite media is oil on canvas. Rough brush strokes and textures of palette knives are prevailing on his paintings.


  • Dusai Resort & Spa - Sylhet  |  VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd. (44,769)
  • JUM CULTURAL COMPLEX, Rangamati | BUET (31,566)
  • Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex | AUST (18,883)
  • Centre for Blind Children | NSU (17,750)