Archeological illustrations of Bengal Artefacts

Perhaps the most exciting way of learning our history is to study archaeological artefacts through illustrations. This article features reconstructed Illustrations of some ancient masterpieces of Bengali sculptures that originated during the Kushan period (Plate 1), Gupta period (Plate 2-5), and the first phase of the Pala School of Art (Plate 6-8).

School of Hope: A Response to the Amphan Affected Area in Satkhira

The project was conceived in response to Cyclone Amphan in 2020, which wreaked havoc in the disaster-prone Satkhira district of Bangladesh. It is the only facility and an important interaction space for local children aged 5 to 8 years old. Due to a lack of funds, it was not possible to restore the facility to its original state. The children. therefore. had to pursue their studies in the open air in a chaotic situation. The Ankur Foundation, accompanied by two young architects, volunteered to help build a new school and give hope to the local children.

Hot Beans: A Pan Asian Bistro Coupling Industrial Aesthetics

The design team cleverly disguised a low ceiling space by incorporating an industrial interior design style while drawing attention to the coziness of the space. Its masculine character is tamed with the use of ample texture, monochromatic colour schemes and light metal frame furniture. - Editor

Refurbishment at Noakhali | Two Fold Studio

A Dhaka-based architectural firm Two Fold Studio has transformed an abandoned residence at Noakhali into a cozy restaurant where visitors can immerse themselves in nature.

An Enchanting Residence with Green Touches

As humans, we inherently connect with nature. This connection can often get blurred in the process of urbanisation. When designing a residential interior in urban Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, designer Muhammad Ariful Islam put the client's health and well-being central to his decisions. In this design, by incorporating interior plantscaping, he has made a conscious effort to bring the outdoors in so that the client can indulge in the charm of nature at home. The inclusion of greenery, daylight and water features in the residence has positively affected the perception of space and the time spent on it.

Reclaiming the Al-Cazaba

Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition is an international competition jointly organized by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Spain and INTBAU to help, preserve and revive the use of local architectural and urban traditions. The 2018-19 edition is the third round of this competition which was conducted in two stages. Three sites won the first stage: Béjar (Salamanca), Guadix (Granada), and Olite (Navarra). This entry from Bangladesh is a proposal for the second stage of the Guadix site.

Imaginary Places to Do Insignificant Things | Asad Hossen

The illustration series tries to capture the paradox of loneliness in urban life. In each illustration, a bleak everyday setting places a group of individuals into the isolating stillness of daily mundane activities.

Multi-purpose Centre at Kutupalong Rohingya Camp

Community Development Centre - CODEC is implementing a child protection program through the EPRC project at different FDMN (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals) camps since 2019 in collaboration with UNHCR. In December 2021, a Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) was established at camp 2W. It covers two blocks (Block B and C) among four blocks of camp 2W. Presently through this facility, CODEC is providing support to 12,263 individuals (including 6525 children).

Reinterpreting the Heritage Values: Architectural and Cultural Significance of Khelaram Data Temple

The temple of Khelaram Data has been restored by the Department of Archaeology of Government of Bangladesh, setting an exceptional example not only for its unique architectural features but also for embodying a set of cultural meanings, social relationships and heritage values that transcends beyond its materiality. This brick temple is unique in its built-form that symbolizes an interim pattern by intermingling Mughal built-form and Colonial functions. Besides these material significances, the intangible counterpart focusing on the cultural constitution of ‘authenticity’ underpinned by oral history contributed as an added value to its heritage significance.

Matter . Space . Soul | Two Fold Studio

This annex block of an existing restaurant is designed as a threshold space that provides a subtle transition to the surrounding breathtaking natural landscape.