In love with Dhaka

Rayerbazar, Dhaka © Sheikh Rishad Ahmmad Aurnob
Dhaka, a city of 400 years old, is the home of 18 million people and their dreams. Tempted by the bustling city life, one can’t help but fall in love with the city, its activities and its collective memory. Architect and urban sketcher Aurnob, through his on-spot pen and ink drawings, has explored this complex, collaborative relationship between people and places of urban Dhaka.

Annex Building for Rughunathpur High School, Khulna

Science Building for Rughunathpur High School, Khulna © 3 POINTS CONSULTANT
This new science building, located in a remote village of Dumuria, Khulna, has created equitable opportunities by providing access to science education for the disadvantages. Hence, the merit of this project should not be assessed in terms of its architectural outcome only, rather by its contribution to empower the society -Editor.

Child Learning Center at Thaingkhali Rohingya Camp

Child Learning Center at Thaingkhali Rohingya Camp
From inception, design, and hands-on involvement in the construction, this project is an exhibition of architects' response to culture, climate, and available resources while having concerns for societal needs and inequities that are often ignored.

Green Lounge: An Enchanted Sky Garden

© AMUR architecture
This beautiful rooftop restaurant, sitting atop a high-rise building in Dhaka, offers a peaceful escape from the notoriously busy city below. Rising high above 200 feet of the ground, the lounge-hidden in the lush, green garden-is juxtaposed against the gray urban setting. With a seating capacity of about 500 people distributed in two levels, the project is claimed to be the largest rooftop restaurant of Bangladesh.

Polaroid Thoughts | Fahad Rahman

Dessert in the desert © Fahad Rahman
Fahad Rahman, an architecture graduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, paints almost exclusively from memory after studying the subject from real life. Through his painting, Fahad wanted to convey momentary impressions of colour and light, fleeting atmospheric effects and the transient moods of nature.

Head Office of National Housing Authority | Competition Entry

Head Office of
National Housing Authority
 ( Competition Entry ) © aakor architecture workshop
A climate sensitive initiative portraying meaningful human-built environment interaction.

The Carnation | STHAPOTIK

The Carnation  © STHAPOTIK
THE CARNATION - a challenging multi-family residential project which is thought to enhance living quality in urban neighborhoods with respect to history and culture of the city. The major consideration is the neighborhood context while creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and face-to-face contact. This project breaks the monotonous street view of the circuit house road. Client (EHL) requirement was a 4 unit dwelling apartment complex in the rectilinear plot. Being reputed for environment-responsive architectural practice in Bangladesh STHAPOTIK took this project with high importance.

Surreal Collage by Graphic Art Studio, CUET

© Department of Architecture, CUET
As a part of their Graphic Art Studio projects, second year students of architecture from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) have created a series of surreal collages depicting unconventional scenes of modern and contemporary architecture. The artworks are made from assemblage of different images derived primarily from magazines and other printed sources.

Renovation and Remodelling of Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium

Master plan, Sher- e- Bangla Cricket Stadium © Bashat Architects Engineers Ltd.
Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium has already been familiar in the international context as one of the successful ICC Venue- as a 'Home of Cricket'. The ground is one of the most well equipped and has world class facilities. Originally constructed for football, the venue was taken over by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) in 2004 and Bashat Architects Engineers was appointed for its renovation & remodelling as an international cricket stadium.

Porcelanosa Furniture Design Competition| Winning Entry in Living Room Category

© Architect Bin Sayeed Bakhti | Studio Gumteeghor
In collaboration with Institute of Architects Bangladesh ( IAB) , Nupami BD LTD launched the '1st Porcelanosa Furniture Design Competition 2017-18' to introduce their product KRION- a new generation of solid surface, among the architects and designers . Awards were given under four categories which includes Living Room , Kitchen, Exterior and Office Furniture. The featured entry won the 1st prize in' Living Room' category.


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