Hymn to Nature: Landscape for BRAC-CDM, Rajendrapur

গাছ বারান্দা ( Tree Terrace) , BRAC- CDM , Rajendrapur
The compound of BRAC CDM, Rajendrapur is a charmingly composed symphony of hardscape and softscape intermixed with activities which allow the visitors to indulge with nature- Editor

HR Khan Residence, Banani | Skeleton Architects ltd

H R Khan Residence, Banani | © Skeleton Architects ltd
Set in a planned residential neighborhood of capital Dhaka, ‘H R Khan Residence’ sits on a corner plot bordered with matured trees abutting the street. Built for a privacy conscious family, the living areas of the house are stacked vertically to accommodate green traces at multiple levels, buffered by means of landscape barrier, that shield the house from the cacophony of the street traffic and the staring neighbors. - Editor

Designing ‘The Palace’ Ground: A Performative Landscape

Ecological Restoration and Landscape Design of “The Palace” Luxury Resort and Spa © GOAAT and Shawkiyo Sthapotto
The project entails biotope restoration and landscape design of the “The Palace” Resort and Spa located at pristine territory of hillocks, forest and watersheds. The designers strive to propose an ecologically performative landscape solution that is not imposed or borrowed; rather a mechanism to create a “closed loop” zero waste system using native species –Editor

S A Family Graveyard | SHATOTTO

Architect Rafiq Azam
For the Award winning project SA Family Graveyard, Architect Rafiq Azam and his studio SHATOTTO drew upon the philosophy of ‘Lalon’ to create a metaphoric architecture that contains death and appreciates the earthly life. The project won the Gold medal in ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2017. The award is considered as the highest honor for a practicing architect in Asia. The Graveyard is situated in Noakhali, Bangladesh and designed and constructed for Mr. Salauddin Ahmed's family- Editor

Teradol Community Mosque, Sylhet | Nirmanik Architects

teradol community mosque
By realigning our sense of creativity with the creative principles of the universe, perhaps Architects can contribute to the healing of the Earth and achieve a relationship between manmade and natural world that is mutually enhancing. In designing a new mosque for Teradol community at Beyani Bazar, Sylhet, Nirmanik Architects sought to demonstrate the role of Architects as stewards of God’s creation while translating the eco-theological perspective into a tangible, realistic, metaphoric architecture that corresponds to the spiritual needs of the local community and leads inexorably towards a renewed relationship between Creator and His Creation - Editor


A decent display and activity space with the hint of enthusiastic intervention.

Strolling through the RED LINE AREA

The Legendary Hunter  © Imran Hasan
Life is like the longest of negotiations. We are like skiffs in a turbulent sea, as we struggle to retain some semblance of control while braving the incessant waves of a myriad of challenges, disappointments, exertions and triumphs which daily life throws at us. Physiological and psychological responses to these artistic and ideological exchanges crafted by our (sub)conscious minds come in a variety of forms which are not necessarily tangible or rational in nature. How much of these interactions are actually retained in the foreground of our thinking?

Errante: Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge | Cubeinside Design Ltd

Errante: Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge | Cubeinside Design Ltd
A nicely crafted interior that provides a casual environment to dine and gossip while creating an urge for travelling.

Passion for Die-cast Car Models and Photography | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq

Model Photography and passion for die-cast car models | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq
Being trained as an architect, Saiful Hasan Tariq practiced his wit and skill to produce fantastic photographs of his passion earned collection of miniature car models. He has been collecting scale models of world renowned cars over years and production of ‘Diorama’ triggered the idea of producing photographs of apparently real time moments.

Sikder Residence | Geomatrix Architects

Sikder Residence|Ar Sabbir Ahmed
Situated in the natural settings of Gajipur, the project respects our climate and social aspects while being blended with the surrounding.


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