Miazi Bari Jame Mosque

The breathing envelopes of the mosque provide excellent camouflage to blend in with the surroundings. The project has received commendation in IAB Design Award 2018 in socio-cultural category.

Teradol Community Mosque, Sylhet | Nirmanik Architects

teradol community mosque
By realigning our sense of creativity with the creative principles of the universe, perhaps Architects can contribute to the healing of the Earth and achieve a relationship between manmade and natural world that is mutually enhancing. In designing a new mosque for Teradol community at Beyani Bazar, Sylhet, Nirmanik Architects sought to demonstrate the role of Architects as stewards of God’s creation while translating the eco-theological perspective into a tangible, realistic, metaphoric architecture that corresponds to the spiritual needs of the local community and leads inexorably towards a renewed relationship between Creator and His Creation - Editor

The Rural Lantern | And Orden

Mosque Mohor Para
It was intended to design a socio-cultural landmark for the village of Mohor Para, which is associated with the needs and ambition of the client and the community. The client’s aspiration was not only to serve the community in the enlightenment of Islam, but also to present them a socio-cultural space to congregate, where the Mosque was the impetus of development. The designed mosque is rooted to tradition yet contemporary in material and technology, so that the villagers move forth intellectually and spiritually. In this era of misconception of Islam, effort has given to manifest true Islamic ideology and education to become more sympathetic to all religion.


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