LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension | SILT

LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension © Arc-Silt consortium
Creating hope and belongingness in the serene tea estate, the LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension won the "Berger Award for Excellence in Architecture 2017", in the category of Single-family Residence.

Hymn to Nature: Landscape for BRAC-CDM, Rajendrapur

গাছ বারান্দা ( Tree Terrace) , BRAC- CDM , Rajendrapur
The compound of BRAC CDM, Rajendrapur is a charmingly composed symphony of hardscape and softscape intermixed with activities which allow the visitors to indulge with nature- Editor

Nidrabilash | Roofliners-Studio of Architecture

Nidrabilash by Roofliners Studio Architecture
In the rural settlement of native Bangladesh one is generally encountered with the organic growth of households which poses a sense of temporal ambiance. Several houses containing one or two rooms find their place around an open courtyard in scattered formation. From this norm the project is conceptualized. The layout for this project is formulated in such a manner so that it takes the most benefit of the micro climatic condition. Group of free standing volumes are arranged in an organic manner stimulating a sense of ambiguity and openness while keeping an undiscovered rhythm inside. It is intended to have a blurry boundary between outdoor and indoor space.

Resort at Birishiri

Resort at Birishiri
Set in the natural beauty of Birishiri, this project resembles the features and contextual tranquility of a 'Garo' village.

Ruthna Residence by Ar. Mohammed Shahnawaz

Ruthna Residence © Ar. Mohammed Shahnawaz
This is a project built over a hill which is besides a river juri situated at Moulovibazar, Sylhet. It’s kind of a private banglow in a tea garden naming Ruthna Tea Garden owned by Mr. David Hasnat.

Vacation House at Khulna | 3 points consultant

Vacation House at Khulna |© 3 points consultant
3 Points consultant was formed in March 2012. Principal Architect himself is the founder of this firm. This very young but promising firm is now evolving with various types of projects such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospital and of course with various interior design & execution. The firm is also engaged with project construction management. Their motto is ''simple planning ......greater impact'' and they like to believe that in today‘s complex world there is nothing better than simplicity.


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