Pulse of the Machine: Dhaka 2050 | Asad Hossen

Architect and graphic designer Asad Hossen imagined the future Dhaka as a cyberpunk city featuring advanced science and technology in an urban, dystopian futuristic setting.

Archeological illustrations of Bengal Artefacts

Perhaps the most exciting way of learning our history is to study archaeological artefacts through illustrations. This article features reconstructed Illustrations of some ancient masterpieces of Bengali sculptures that originated during the Kushan period (Plate 1), Gupta period (Plate 2-5), and the first phase of the Pala School of Art (Plate 6-8).

Imaginary Places to Do Insignificant Things | Asad Hossen

The illustration series tries to capture the paradox of loneliness in urban life. In each illustration, a bleak everyday setting places a group of individuals into the isolating stillness of daily mundane activities.

A Collection of Collages | Rashu

Architect Rashu’s digital collages are imbued with energy and emotion. She uses virtual images of buildings, layering together with colours, textures and cutouts to create a whole new work of art.

Dear Dhaka… | Asad Hossen

‘Dear Dhaka’ series by Architect Asad Hossen attempts to encapsulate the distinguished architectural history of Dhaka; with a pinch of magic and nostalgia. Remembering our past, these illustrations depict the heritages of Dhaka in its heyday treating each heritage as story-telling paradox unveiling untold stories of the past. The series makes effort to raise empathy and awareness for these heritages.

Through the Spirit of Time and Place

Nishan Barua, an architecture graduate and self-taught artist, has a passion for arts. He has been practicing oil painting for more than seven years and is currently running a studio called ‘Studio Artestra’ - a painting and design studio collaborating art and architecture. Cityscape, urban and metro, natural elements are his sources of inspiration for abstract, abstract- impression and impression form in his artworks. His favorite media is oil on canvas. Rough brush strokes and textures of palette knives are prevailing on his paintings.

Down to Earth | Sumaita Tahseen

Sumaita's canvases do not try to capture any subject rather they portray the circumferential air. She aims to portray the essence of her travels through pen on paper. In this way, she is trying to find a balance between practice of architecture and passion for art.

Vintage Vehicles of Dhaka

The following is illustrative documentation of the five popular modes of transport in the past and present Dhaka. The supplementary text, primarily based on the secondary sources, narrates the brief history and current scenario of each vehicle type. Some of these vehicles have been completely phased out and replaced by more powerful and efficient models, some are still in use. But that doesn’t render vehicle whose time has passed any less valuable, as those vintage vehicles also reflect the history and memories of Dhaka city.

Digital Murals and Wall Arts | Tirtho

Tirtho, an inspiring artist with remarkable talent, has already left his marks in diverse mediums of visual arts ranging from cartoons to mural paintings. With a background in architecture, Tirtho has successfully transcended the line between ‘Utilitarian arts’ and ‘Fine arts’. He has painted the wall murals in a handful of commercial outlets and workplaces. His mural works portray interesting and vivid pictures of urban as well as rural life.

Quarantine Diary | Saba Islam

It was not at all easy for anyone of us to get used to the sudden drastic changes in our regular life brought by the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. Some of us are just lucky to have all the family members together with them during this highly uncertain time! These pen sketches are Saba’s attempts to visualize some of the moments of home quarantine of herself and her family.