Life and Death

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The photo series 'life and death' by Fahmida are the visual abstractions of the transience of our existence, created concurrently as a reminder of inevitable death and celebrators of life using the X-ray plates as canvas.

Anamorphic Illusion

© Ridwanul Masnun Ridun
Ridwan started his journey as a self-taught anamorphic artist since 2016. His works are entirely hand drawn and cover a wide range of subject matters ranging from nature to architecture.

In love with Dhaka

Rayerbazar, Dhaka © Sheikh Rishad Ahmmad Aurnob
Dhaka, a city of 400 years old, is the home of 18 million people and their dreams. Tempted by the bustling city life, one can’t help but fall in love with the city, its activities and its collective memory. Architect and urban sketcher Aurnob, through his on-spot pen and ink drawings, has explored this complex, collaborative relationship between people and places of urban Dhaka.

Polaroid Thoughts | Fahad Rahman

Dessert in the desert © Fahad Rahman
Fahad Rahman, an architecture graduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, paints almost exclusively from memory after studying the subject from real life. Through his painting, Fahad wanted to convey momentary impressions of colour and light, fleeting atmospheric effects and the transient moods of nature.

Surreal Collage by Graphic Art Studio, CUET

© Department of Architecture, CUET
As a part of their Graphic Art Studio projects, second year students of architecture from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) have created a series of surreal collages depicting unconventional scenes of modern and contemporary architecture. The artworks are made from assemblage of different images derived primarily from magazines and other printed sources.

Dipping into Fiction and Fantasy | Illustrations by Ziaur Rahman

Despair of an Unfulfilled Scream © Ovi
The growing popularity of digital media in visual arts has altered the nature of illustration beyond recognition. Admitting that everything was about to change, Ovi entered the industry with a purely traditional skill-set but now has embarked on embracing digital technology in his very own fashion inspired by the fantasy fiction.

Laminated Artifacts | Imran Hasan

© Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan is a self-taught artist and full time practicing architect. He chooses simple subjects for his art, draws in rows to reach a certain narrative.

Strolling through the RED LINE AREA

The Legendary Hunter  © Imran Hasan
Life is like the longest of negotiations. We are like skiffs in a turbulent sea, as we struggle to retain some semblance of control while braving the incessant waves of a myriad of challenges, disappointments, exertions and triumphs which daily life throws at us. Physiological and psychological responses to these artistic and ideological exchanges crafted by our (sub)conscious minds come in a variety of forms which are not necessarily tangible or rational in nature. How much of these interactions are actually retained in the foreground of our thinking?

Passion for Die-cast Car Models and Photography | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq

Model Photography and passion for die-cast car models | Ar Saiful Hasan Tariq
Being trained as an architect, Saiful Hasan Tariq practiced his wit and skill to produce fantastic photographs of his passion earned collection of miniature car models. He has been collecting scale models of world renowned cars over years and production of ‘Diorama’ triggered the idea of producing photographs of apparently real time moments.

A Journal of Faces | Yafiz Siddiqui

© Yafiz Siddiqui
Yafiz Siddiqui, currently a student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has a passion for drawing portraits. His subjects range from poets, artists, movie stars to the regular working class people. His portraits are featured in the Star Weekend of the Daily Star every Friday.


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