Design. Act Now | Makeshift Isolation Unit and Treatment Facility

design act now COVID 19
The COVID-19 crisis that is intimidating the globe today has overwhelmed human society including architects. The crisis has nakedly exposed the dilemma around the architecture profession; some see the profession that needs support for recovery, while others perceive this creative practice as a means to support recovery. Further, some perceive it as our compulsory, not complementary,

COVID-19 crisis: Our responsibilities – today and tomorrow | Message from Architects

COVID 19 Msg Architect
The global spreading of coronavirus is calling on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionary impulses for social connections. The outbreak has shaken the social life and economic stability. Mass quarantines in cities have increased mental health risks as people experience a sense of isolation and loss of control over their lives. Amid this crisis, the outbreak has brought out

Modern Masterpieces in Models | Episode 2

Modern Masterpieces in Models_episode 2 | Courtesy: HSTU and AIUB
In our attempt to document modern marvels of architecture via scaled models, the following article is the 2nd sequel of the series titled Modern Masterpieces in Models. We’ve accumulated selected models of globally renowned architectural projects handcrafted by the students of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University (HSTU) and American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

Most Visited Student Projects [ 2015-2017 ]

Top 5 most visited student projects | CONTEXT bd
Take a look at the most popular student projects (top 5) published in contextbd between May,2015 - Dec, 2017. We are thankful to our reviewers who generously have contributed their time, expertise and experience to review these projects. Please note, projects are shortlisted on the basis of visitors count only ( until Dec 31, 2017).

Modern Masterpieces in Models | Episode 1

Paper model of National Assembly Building, Dhaka; Architect: Louis I Kahn | courtesy: Dept of Architecture, HSTU
The following post showcases the models of the classic examples of Modern Architecture hand crafted by the students of HSTU and AIUB. This model making exercise provided the students with a deeper understanding of the project through the transposition of drawings into the three dimensional form.

Google Enables Viewers to Experience the Transformation of Dhaka [1984-2016]

Dhaka city in google timelapse
The recent update of Google Timelapse application has completely stunned the world, enabling viewers to explore changes of the Earth's surface in the past 32 years like never before. Using Google's interactive Timelapse feature, now viewers can experience the changes of earth’s landscape since 1984 across the globe. CONTEXTbd has explored the application and encoded a timelapse video for

Contemporary Dhaka in Illustrations: Traveler’s Account

Dhaka Skyline © Brian Buckley
In the past, many travelers visited Dhaka and their visual accounts are considered as an important tangible evidence of Dhaka’s History. Art works by Sir Charles D'Oyly, Frederick William and George Chinnery, who visited Dhaka around 1st half of the 19th Century, divulge city’s past imagery. Even today, we mesmerize to see the photographs of their etching, paintings and sketches of historical

Essential Reads for Architects | Vol. 01

Feature_essential reads_small
Four eminent commentators on architecture, N.R. Khan , M. Anwar Riyaad, Sujaul Islam Khan & Ashik Vaskor , have given their opinions on the books that should be on every architect's reading list. Their suggested list includes Monographs, Theories on Architecture, Biographies and Works of Architects, Narratives, Edited volumes etc. Curious reader can find many of these books available

Thinking Architect Muzharul Islam | A Trialogue

CONTEXT in tribute to Architect Muzharul Islam, the pioneer of modern architecture in Bangladesh, arranged an informal discussion with Prof. Shamsul Wares and Prof. Haroon Ur Rashid; both of them are well known as prominent architect, critique and theoretician. The session was moderated by eminent academic and architect Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad. The discussion shed light on Architect Islam’s

Discussion on Charles Correa_Video_Part 01 | Ar. Partha Ranjan Das

feature 01_ranjan das
Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and CONTEXT arranged a discussion on 27 August 2015 to pay homage to prominent Indian Architect Charles Correa following his death this year. Professor Shamsul Wares, Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil and Architect Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad were the local invitees while Architect Partha Ranjan Das came from Kolkata. The latter has in person experience to work


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