Chef’s Kitchen: A Diner Starring Recycled Materials

The interior of Chef's Kitchen is starring recycled furniture and materials  © Zero Inch Interior's Ltd
Zero Inch Interior’s Limited took up recycling, upcycling and repurposing as design approaches for the interior of Chef’s Kitchen- an Indian Cuisine restaurant in Dhaka. While complying with clients functional and budgetary requirements, the cozy and warm interior environment has created a captivating dining experience for the food lovers.

Going Green: Designing for Workplace Wellbeing | ARCHVISTA

Green office for BIFFL © ARCHVISTA
There is an increasing understanding that thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for promoting employee mental health and wellness. And what typically supports health and happiness also enhances performance and productivity. The following project by ARCHVISTA is an example of green strategies to office design that enhance performance, health and wellness.

Green Lounge: An Enchanted Sky Garden

© AMUR architecture
This beautiful rooftop restaurant, sitting atop a high-rise building in Dhaka, offers a peaceful escape from the notoriously busy city below. Rising high above 200 feet of the ground, the lounge-hidden in the lush, green garden-is juxtaposed against the gray urban setting. With a seating capacity of about 500 people distributed in two levels, the project is claimed to be the largest rooftop restaurant of Bangladesh.

MAX Corporate Office | Architect Azrin Alom

Max Corporate Office
A corporate head office designed with the blend of work and life; busy and cozy gesture. This is a 22000 sqft office space completed in just eight months. Starting from the layout and choice of material to the neat details, the project exemplifies the corporate emblem of the client.


A decent display and activity space with the hint of enthusiastic intervention.

Errante: Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge | Cubeinside Design Ltd

Errante: Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge | Cubeinside Design Ltd
A nicely crafted interior that provides a casual environment to dine and gossip while creating an urge for travelling.

George’s La Dolce Vita | Interior by Ar. Rubayet Tanveer

©Rubayet Tanveer Chowdhury
A cozy Italian restaurant designed and built with a careful selection of materials, as the architect says, keeping the question in mind,'have we made choices that please our senses and our aesthetics?'

Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA

Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA
Peda Ting Ting aims to transpose an idea of alteration on the onset of growing “restaurant culture” of our generation where space and surrounding dominantly articulate how we engage ourselves with the urban recreational space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

KSRM Office Interior by Studio Extension

KSRM – Brand and Marketing Department | © studio extension
The newly envisioned office interior for Brand and Marketing department of KSRM reflects a fresh direction to achieve workplace environment that supports specific business drivers and expresses the corporate brand and mission, while creating a comfortable and stimulating ambiance for the users. Designed by STUDIO EXTENSION, the project opts for a simple plan humanizing modes of interaction between life and space while denying the manners of ‘cubicle identity’.

E-Library | Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka by SthaNiK

E-Library _ Faculty of Business Studies, DU | Image Courtesy : Ar.Mahfuzul Hasan Rana
In an attempt to cope up with the ever-changing nature of acquiring knowledge, initiative has been taken to improvise the Library of Faculty of Business Studies. SthaNiK Architectural Consultants designed this new intervention with a theme to hold the very essence of ‘contemporary’, which is deeply rooted to the core idea of the building itself, an architectural masterpiece by Ar. Muzharul Islam.


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