Reinterpreting the Heritage Values: Architectural and Cultural Significance of Khelaram Data Temple

Khelaram datar temple after conservation 2014 © Dept. of Archaeology, GoB
The temple of Khelaram Data has been restored by the Department of Archaeology of Government of Bangladesh, setting an exceptional example not only for its unique architectural features but also for embodying a set of cultural meanings, social relationships and heritage values that transcends beyond its materiality. This brick temple is unique in its built-form that symbolizes an interim

বঙ্গীয় স্থাপত্যের তিন অধ্যায় | Three Sections of Bengal Architecture

KHELARAM DATAR BARI Temple, 19th Century. Naw abgonj, Dohar © Dr. SAJID BIN DOZA
Architecture of ancient Bengal breathe with stories, spaces and interplay of light and shade. Spiritual spaces and spatial sequences shaped architectural wisdom precisely in different ages as well as period. Short research is going to address three different eras in ancient Bengal by providing illustrations of three prominent and splendid architectures in different regions in Bengal. The


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