The IAB Built Expo 2023 pulls in crowd.

| Rubayat Tasnim | The Institute of Architects (IAB) arranged the most prestigious building material exposition in BICC where architects and interior designers, students as well as the general public can connect to various building and interior material companies and contractors under one roof. As like every year many dealers and companies have joined to […]

Winners receive Aga Khan Award for Architecture at the 2022 Ceremony

By Farhat Afzal | CONTEXT For the third consecutive cycle, two out of six winners of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture are projects designed by Bangladeshi architects. On 22nd September, winners of the 2022 Aga Khan Award for Architecture were announced, where two of the coveted positions were awarded to Urban River Spaces in […]

Bangladeshi Students came out on top in the ACGSA Design Competition 2021

Atik Ishrak Chowdhury & Mohaimin Ali Khan | CONTEXT On the 3rd of July, the architecture student community of Bangladesh celebrated their achievements  in the ACGSA design competition 2021 themed “Designing for Resilience to the Changing Environment.” The competition was jointly organized by Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) and the Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) […]

A Look Back at 2020: Challenges, Hope, Agony and Achievements

Sadequl Arefin Saif | CONTEXT For much of the past, the world has lived under the impression of false hopes and shaky equilibrium. It took us a pandemic to expose us to our own consciences and the malpractices in the society. Amid the omnipresent threat of the pandemic, juggling between anxieties and hopes, we somehow […]

Women Candidates in IAB Election: Renewed Hopes or Stasis?

Farhat Afzal | Context When it comes to measuring leadership characteristics, it shows that women often do better than men. In a study by Zenger and Folkman (2011), results showed that women outscored men in almost all areas such as problem-solving and analytical issues, showing integrity and honesty, communication prowess, collaboration, and advocating change [1]. […]

Ecography Exhibition Captures a New Awareness of Home

| Farhat Afzal |  The ongoing global pandemic caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus has forced us to pause and reassess how we live our lives. Nationwide lockdowns were imposed by governments all over the world to ensure social distancing in order to limit the spread of the virus. Schools and universities have […]

The Ruins of Darasbari Mosque: A rare historical account on architecture of medieval Bengal

Atik Ishrak Chowdhury | CONTEXT After rigorous field research, a book titled “The Ruins of Darasbari Mosque- A Visual Diary ” has been published by art historian and architect Sajid Bin Doza. Darsbari is a magnificent historic mosque of the medieval period of Bengal. The mosque Darsbari belonged to a typical Muslim educational complex located […]

Architecture, AIUB takes thesis jury public for the first time

Rubayat Tasnim | CONTEXT Final year students of Architecture, AIUB have taken the thesis jury online, as the university moved to new ways of remote learning for undergraduate programs during the Coronavirus shutdown. A part of the jury event was streamed live from the Department’s official social media page and was able to grab the […]

A New Mindset for the New Paradigm

Sadequl Arefin Saif | CONTEXT It will surely be nice easing back into our old routines, only now with extra care. However, we chalk our coronavirus stories out – eternal losses, Zoom meetings, perpetuating petty thoughts and implausible insecurities, or barely trying to keep ourselves sane, chances are that psychologists, scholars and thinkers from around […]

Architect Bashirul Haq (1942-2020): Life, Death and Tears

On April 4, many architects, including me couldn’t hold back tears after the heart-breaking news of Architect Bashirul Haq’s demise. It’s during a time like this when many people stop to reflect on life and the realization that at any moment it could be your last day to spend time with a loved one or family member. […]