A Look Back at 2020: Challenges, Hope, Agony and Achievements

Year in review -2020 : Challenges, Initiatives and Achievements by Architect Society in Bangladesh

Sadequl Arefin Saif | CONTEXT For much of the past, the world has lived under the impression of false hopes and shaky equilibrium. It took us a pandemic to expose us to our own consciences and the malpractices in the society. Amid the omnipresent threat of the pandemic, juggling between anxieties and hopes, we somehow […]

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Women Candidates in IAB Election: Renewed Hopes or Stasis?

Women candidates in IAB election 2020.

Farhat Afzal | Context When it comes to measuring leadership characteristics, it shows that women often do better than men. In a study by Zenger and Folkman (2011), results showed that women outscored men in almost all areas such as problem-solving and analytical issues, showing integrity and honesty, communication prowess, collaboration, and advocating change [1]. […]

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Ecography Exhibition Captures a New Awareness of Home

24/7 BED by Tript Kaur Kondal and Elif Nur Aduguzel , Mumbai and Istanbul

| Farhat Afzal |  The ongoing global pandemic caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus has forced us to pause and reassess how we live our lives. Nationwide lockdowns were imposed by governments all over the world to ensure social distancing in order to limit the spread of the virus. Schools and universities have […]

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