Breaking the Mould: An Apartment Dissolving the ‘In-between’

© Studio Morphogenesis Ltd.
Real estate development is principally governed by sale ability and the set standard is somehow devoid of innovation. Meeting those set criteria is challenging; but is it worth of doing? The design inception phase of the following project involves intense negotiation and introduction of some apparently unorthodox ideas to the developers. The ideas were eventually shaped and sensibly appreciated. Thus, it sets an atypical example of developer’s intention who is very eager to go beyond their long-attained standards.

Life and Death

feature_death and life_2
The photo series 'life and death' by Fahmida are the visual abstractions of the transience of our existence, created concurrently as a reminder of inevitable death and celebrators of life using the X-ray plates as canvas.

ত্রিধা :স্মৃতি, সম্পর্ক, ঐতিহ্য (Tridha: Memory, Relationship, Tradition)

© Shah Emran Md. Ali Chowdhury
Trida is a new house for an extended family. Situated in a fast transforming rural town, the project concept evolves from negotiation between client's demand of modern lifestyle and past memories.

Women Friendly Space at Rohingya Refugee Camp

Multipurpose Women Center at KTP Rohingya Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar  © SAAD BEN MOSTAFA & Team
This multi-purpose women center in the Rohingya refugee camp at Cox's Bazar is designed to empower vulnerable women using architecture as an ethical tool.

Going Green: Designing for Workplace Wellbeing | ARCHVISTA

Green office for BIFFL © ARCHVISTA
There is an increasing understanding that thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for promoting employee mental health and wellness. And what typically supports health and happiness also enhances performance and productivity. The following project by ARCHVISTA is an example of green strategies to office design that enhance performance, health and wellness.

Anamorphic Illusion

© Ridwanul Masnun Ridun
Ridwan started his journey as a self-taught anamorphic artist since 2016. His works are entirely hand drawn and cover a wide range of subject matters ranging from nature to architecture.

বঙ্গীয় স্থাপত্যের তিন অধ্যায় | Three Sections of Bengal Architecture

KHELARAM DATAR BARI Temple, 19th Century. Naw abgonj, Dohar © Dr. SAJID BIN DOZA
Architecture of ancient Bengal breathe with stories, spaces and interplay of light and shade. Spiritual spaces and spatial sequences shaped architectural wisdom precisely in different ages as well as period. Short research is going to address three different eras in ancient Bengal by providing illustrations of three prominent and splendid architectures in different regions in Bengal. The following sectional illustrations would be focused on spatial drama, course of action, permeability and lastly the sense of meaning of the structure. The article is more based on illustrative process of explanation.

Miazi Bari Jame Mosque

Miazi Bari Jame Mosque © GoaAt (group of architects and thinkers)
The breathing envelopes of the mosque provide excellent camouflage to blend in with the surroundings. The project has received commendation in IAB Design Award 2018 in socio-cultural category.

Commercial (Office) Green Building for IDCOL

Commercial (Office) Green Building for IDCOL © Studio Morphogenesis Ltd.
The following proposal by Studio Morphogenesis Ltd. has been nominated through an open architectural design competition for building IDCOL head office at Agargaon.

LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension | SILT

LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension © Arc-Silt consortium
Creating hope and belongingness in the serene tea estate, the LHTE Guest Bungalow Extension won the "Berger Award for Excellence in Architecture 2017", in the category of Single-family Residence.


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