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|Kathon Presents Winners’ Talk|

Architectural competitions are a widely accepted method of selecting architectural consultants for large scale public projects. They are also popular in generating ideas and concepts for various complex issues that address architecture and architecture related concerns. The phenomenon of ‘architectural competitions’ is intriguing for both practicing architects and students of architecture alike. In this tri-part series of lectures and presentations, kathon would like to look deeper into the various issues, strategies and challenges that need to be addressed in the process of contending in architectural competitions. In this tri-part series we are much honored to have with us the winners of some recent architectural competitions that have taken place in Dhaka. These award-winning architectural practices will be presenting their concerned projects and propositions. Their valuable insight into the arena of architectural competitions will definitely be an inspiring event. Please join us as we explore and learn from their skillful experiences.

Kathon Presents Winners' Talk.
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