Architecture is a manifestation and expression of culture. As such it must acknowledge and respond to the cultural needs and values of the society with which it interacts. Architecture students, consequently, tend to get inclined towards culture and heritage through their sense of nationalism which is partly enhanced by the training they receive in architecture schools. It is not uncommon for students of architecture to mark a national celebration with effort and passion going extra mile.

Borshoboron 1424 | Dept of Architecture,BUET  | Courtesy : Syed Saif , Sumaiya Sharmin & Tarek Morad

The premise of Architecture dept of BUET | Photographs by Syed Saif (BUET)

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It all started in Department of Architecture, BUET as it is the first of such in the country; but exactly when is untraceable. However, there had been suggestions in 70s from veteran architects who studied under Richard Vrooman to observe an occasion in the courtyard in front of architecture building (BUET) to strengthen the bond between current and old students. Observing ‘Pohela Boishakh’ probably emerged from that idea which, now has turned out to be a yearly celebration of ‘life’ in totality.

Sthapatte Boishakh 1424 | Dept of Architecture, SUST | Courtesy: Tariqul Islam Opu, Apurba Ratan Roy, Shafayet Hossain

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This year, first day of the Bengali new year has been celebrated over the architecture schools in the country with vigor, hope and youthfulness. Architecture students, generally known for their creativity and hard work left no stone unturned to put a mark on ‘Pohela Boishakh’ celebration with ever green gestures and spectacularity. There were colorful rallies, decorated campuses and graceful participation of students and faculty members. Day long cultural shows were arranged as well. Photography exhibition and  drawing and painting competitions for children were also in the list. Most of the campuses were full of alumni along with regular students. Since it’s a national occasion students and faculties from other departments also participated with joy and best wishes; needless to mention the cooperation of the university authorities. However, respecting government instruction s on security issues programs were mostly ended by evening.

Pohela Boishakh 1424 | Dept of Architecture, AIUB | Courtesy; Asif Rahman

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Students from respective architecture departments started to work on the celebration program from at least a week before and worked hard in between their studies. The atmosphere was at the end phenomenal.