Street view feature in Google map is now open for roaming the street of Dhaka and Chittagong initially. The service was officially launched in Feb 5, 2015. However, a good portion of Dhaka and Chittagong was already view-able on the street view service from January 22.

According to reports, Street View, which officially began its work in Bangladesh on November 5th 2012, has now managed to cover most areas of Dhaka city and Chittagong so far, as they farther extend their range.Hasan Shahed, the chief executive manager of Mapping Bangladesh and regional expert reviewer at Google Map Maker with the assistance of his group of volunteers, referred to as ‘citizen cartographers’ has been working hard to produce the best quality images for the Google Street View service for Bangladesh.

Google Street View was first introduced in the United States in the year of 2007. Since then it is widely used by the Urban designers and Architects worldwide. Street view features is available in Google maps and Google earth application. Using this feature user can access to an array of street level images. The feature helps to virtually view, explore and navigate certain locations through panoramic pictures of streets and sites.