Theory vis-à-vis practice: A soliloquy by Architect Mohammad Foyez Ullah.

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courtesy: Department of Architecture Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology
courtesy: Department of Architecture, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology


The Department of Architecture, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology is inviting you to join the seminar presentation “Theory vis-à-vis practice” A soliloquy by  Architect Mohammad Foyez Ullah.

Mohammad Foyez Ullah is one of the preeminent architects of Bangladesh. He has been an academic since 1993. Concurrently a successful legacy in the professional field was also initiated when he co-founded Vistaara architects in 1994. After a decade long successful partnership in Vistaara Foyez regenerated his practice through Volumezero in 2008. Over this particular phase, Volumezero has already become an entity that consolidates the legacy of its founder in the leadership of architecture and design. He is one of the architect who has been successfully bridging the gap between academic and professional field.

The seminar will be graced by renowned architects, young architects and aspiring architects. Your humble presence shall be highly appreciated.

Seminar schedule:

Date Thursday, 30 November , 2017
Time 11:30 am 
Venue Design studio IX,  Department of Architecture, CUET.


Seminar Conductor:

Architect Mohammad Foyez Ullah

BArch MArch MIAB Assoc AIA


Volumezero Limited.