| Shajjad Hossain,  BRACU |

BRAC University, Department of Architecture hosted its Jury for Undergraduate Thesis Studio on the 9th and 10th of August 2015 at their Mohakhali Campus, marking the first of the traditional two thesis juries per year. This year saw an eclectic mix of twenty-four projects which ranged from rather ‘futuristic’ design approaches to pragmatic projects, upholding BRAC Architecture School’s liberal perspective to allow its students to explore new and unorthodox ideas to the fullest. The primary jury panel consisted of Architect Imran Hossain and Architect Mahmudul Islam Forhad on the 9th August, and Architect Tanzim Hossain Salim on the 10th of August, alongside other renowned architects and all of BRAC Architecture School’s teachers.

Some projects garnered absolute praises and others invited friendly yet heated discussions that could only contribute to the greater enlightenment and enthusiasm of the students and jurors alike. While projects such as “Cultural Filigree” explored possibilities of interweaving the public realm with the urban context in Bogura, others such as “Crime and Punishment Museum” and “Citizen Arena” questioned issues embedded within the society. Attempts were made by students to explore the thresholds between providing commercial solutions keeping intact the spirit of spaces and the city in projects such as “Abahani Sports Complex” and “Five-Star Hotel in Khulshi”.

Both days ended with amicable notes, greeted with the bitter-sweet sentiments of students completing their journey as an undergraduate architecture student and stepping into a new phase of learning as professionals. BRAC University, as always, cordially welcomed both praises and criticisms with equal warmth.