The idea project CRISIS CARE CUBE: An Emergency Healthcare Unit during Disaster by Sthapatto Angon has won the honorable mention award in UIA-PHG International Student & Young Architect Competition 2017. Jointly organized by International Union of Architects and Public Heath Group, the competition aimed  at seeking conceptual design proposals for healthcare facility that can fulfill the needs of users and providers in the future.

The competition was launched with a mission to increase the awareness of undergoing transitions of healthcare services  by inviting the students and young architects to participate in the design challenges. On June 14, 2017 winners in both categories were announced by the organizer.  A team of young architects from Bangladesh – Afrina Haque (H157), Khairul Bashar, & Masum Ul Huq (H159) of Sthapatto Angon– won the honorable mention award in Young Architects category. The team proposed a transportable, modular, smart facility in response to the need of emergency health service for the disaster affected community.

From the submission: “Natural and manmade disasters are very frequent now a days, during and after disaster a good number of people become injured and died. Hospital’s emergency became overcrowded and most of the time they unable to care this sudden number of injured people at that time. Transportation system also collapsed and patients from disaster areas are left without treatments. In this crucial moment people need immediate healthcare support soonest possible time and in this proposal we would like to introduce some Smart Facility which is completely new approach in Healthcare Design.

We generate our idea proposal that ‘during the crisis period not to bring patients (accept the serious one) to the hospital, rather to bring emergency support to the sites of disasters.’ which we named Crisis Care Cube (CCC). We hope it will able to provide advance treatment on site and reduce the pressure on hospitals. It will save times, save lives and handle the crisis more conveniently.” – Sthapatto Angon 

Congratulations to all the award recipients and specially to Sthapatto Angon for their achievements.

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