e-Book Launch | Drawing Heritage(s)

Event Details

  • Date:

When: Thursday, July 01 at  [15:30 Lisbon time / 20.30 Bangladesh time]

Live Stream Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIK28mXKwTmOhdVLWqkBtFA

Program Schedule:

– Opening and a brief presentation of the publication (Md Shajjad Hossain and Nevena Tatovic)

– Paulo Simões Rodrigues (HERITAS – CHAIA)

– Duncan Bullen (University of Brighton)

– Manuel João Ramos (ISCTE – IUL)

– Yonatan N. Gez (Arnold Berstraesser Institute & IHEID)

– Filipe Themudo Barata (CIDEHUS – UNESCO Chair for Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How: Linking Heritage)

– Discussion.

Courtesy: Shajjad and Nevena

About the Book: 

This publication is based on an interdisciplinary concept and aims to reflect on the design from a joint perspective of heritage and landscape. Bringing together perspectives on methodological and theoretical aspects of this theme, the book offers contributions from established and emerging academics, as well as artists and professionals from different backgrounds. Its main objective is to explore design not only in the sense of observing or contemplating, but rather to know, as a tool that, implemented methodologically, can support and enhance these complex and constantly evolving areas of study.

Drawing Heritage(s) is available in PDF for free download

Following are the links for the e-book

PT: http://www.catedraunesco.uevora.pt/investigacao/publicacoes/livros/livros-de-colaboradores-e-colaboracoes/

EN: http://www.catedraunesco.uevora.pt/en/research/publications/books/books-by-team-members-and-collaborations/