Learning from a Master : “Life and Works of Architect Muzharul Islam”

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Poster 2016 © IAB & Muzharul Islam Foundation
Poster 2016 © IAB & Muzharul Islam Foundation


Learning From a Master : Life and works of architect Muzharul Islam

A talk and discussion with young architects of Bangladesh Discussion

Discussion by:

[1] Ishrak Zahra Khan _ Senior lecturer, Department of Architecture, NSU

[2] Muhtadin Iqbal _ Lecturer,  Department of Architecture, UAP

[3] Faisal Kabir Himun _ Architect partner, FRAMEWORK

[4] Wahiduzzaman Ratul _ Architect at SA Architect

[5] Kara Shihan Bin Hannan


Venue: IAB center

Date: 28 August 2016

Time: 6:00 pm


Source : IAB