DELVISTAA FOUNDATION launched the long awaited architectural journal ‘DOT’ in the drizzling evening of Sunday, the 20 September. The well organised inaugural ceremony was illustrated by luminous persons from diversified fields. Other invitees were mostly from the art and architecture community ranging from veteran architects to students of Architecture from a number of schools.

To remind, DOT is a quarterly journal on Art & Architecture. The primary aim of the journal is to highlight the works of Bangladeshi Architects and documentation of the same. The inaugural issue is hosting 21 contents covering art, architecture, photography, article and interview. DOT is edited by the prominent architect, painter, musician and singer Mustapha Khalid Palash.

Honourable Mayor of the Dhaka North City Corporation Mr. Annisul Huq was the chief guest on the occasion. Prof. Emeritus Anisuzzaman, Prof. Nazrul Isalm of CUS, Prof Shamsul Wares, President of IAB Prof. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed, The chief Architect of Department of Architecture, GOB Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir and prominent artist Monirul Islam graced the program as guests of honour. It all started with the inaugural speech by Ar. Shahzia Islam Anton, publisher of DOT and Director of Delvistaa Foundation. Her graceful yet polite speech set the ambiance of the launching event on the right tune. The chief guest along with the Editor, publisher and guests of honour formally inaugurated the publication on the stage with enchanting sound composition. President of ARCASIA Ar. Sathirut Nui Tandanand, immediate past president Ar. Tan Pei Ing , eminent writer Ranjan Bandyopadhyay from India and artist Kalidas Karmakar sent video recorded greetings from abroad. The event was anchored by Architect Syeda Tuhin Ara Karim, prominent actress and dancer.

Honourable guests delivered their speech from versatile points of view with the experience of diversified background. They all undoubtedly praised the publication as it had been long missed by the community. It was evident in their speech that such a noble initiative would remarkably help to showcase the Art and Architecture of Bangladesh to local and international audience. Though raising the issue of continuity they expressed their reliance on Delvistaa Foundation led by the editor Mustapha Khalid Palash as the organisation had already published several books and other prints along their way of serving the community relentlessly for number of years. The speakers seemed to be feeling assured that the magazine is actually hosted by the right organisation with the right organogram and persons in place.

Chief Guest, the honourable Mayor, in his speech reminded his promise to build Dhaka as a well functioning environment friendly city while appreciating ‘DOT’ envisioning that it might play the crucial role of bridging professionals from art and architecture with the city dwellers. He expected that DOT could render a role in increasing social awareness for a better built environment.

Last but not the least; it was the speech by the editor Ar. Mustapha Khalid Palash that illuminated the audience with the aim and objective of DOT as well as the concept of initiation. Audience were delighted to know that it started 30 years back when Architect Palash had planned to edit a similar publication initially decided to be named as ‘Sthapati’. He was a student of third year then. However, he took the opportunity to explain why he had kept the community waiting for so long and gave assurance of regular publishing of DOT from now on. Meanwhile the invitees were given their copies of the magazine and the hall was full of scratching sound as people took no time to tear the covering pack in a hurry.

The program ended with dinner and cultural program. A small desk was set at a corner for subscription purpose. Considering the enormous response it created among the architecture community subscription information are also stated below-

Hotline: 01790449944

Apt B1/D1, First floor,
Delvistaa Ruparup
Gulshan Model Town


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