Dhaka with its 400 years of history and increasing urban population is going to be amongst world ten largest megalopolises in 50 years. By development trend, Bangladesh is at an advance rising stage and Dhaka as its capital showing all megatrends of middle-income cities on the trail of developed Asian urbanscape. At the same time present Dhaka’s physical development is over-saturated and infrastructure is highly stressed, while from social perspective neighbourhood bonding is loosening than ever. On such pivotal moment, Dhaka’s urbanism demands proper direction. Fortunately recent city authorities and government are showing intention and keenness through development programmes. The captioned competition has been such a gesture by Dhaka South City Corporation comprising a very important element of city: street. Collaborated with Institute of Architects Bangladesh, the open urban design competition called upon streetscape design proposals for three-kilometre stretch of Mirpur Road [from Newmarket node at south to Dhanmondi 27 (old) node at north] as a visionary and executable model for Dhaka streets. The brief sought to fulfill design objectives of a street that is community participated, universally accessible, walkable, cycle-friendly, clean, safe, well-equipped and aligned with Dhaka’s future plans. The project output ranged a vision statement to masterplan and street furniture design.


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Photo Courtesy : Md Rashed Hasan
Photo Courtesy : Md Rashed Hasan


The competition result was announced on 9th February. LINE ARCHITECTS [Ar. Mohiuddin Zilanee, Ar. Shah Fuad Mohammad Cyrus, Ar. Mohammad Sami Al Hasan, Ar. Reesham Shahab Tirtho, Ar. Adbana Taj Anis, Ar. Md. Fahad Bin Mostafiz, Ar.Ferdoush Hasan, Ar.Sayon Sur] and DESHAR WORKS [Ar. Ziaul Islam , Ar. Rashed Hassan Chowdhury , Ar. Jimi Chakma, Ar. Sakib Ahmed ]   have jointly won the first prize. Congratulations to the Winner.


Glimpse of model images of the competition entries :

model 01
model 02

model 03

model 04

model 05

model 06

model 07

model 08

model 09

model 10



Article by: Ar. Mohammad Sami Al Hasan  |  Photo courtesy : Reesham Shahab and Md Rashed Hasan.

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