© Russian Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector
© Russian Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector



The development of architectural concepts for standard residential buildings in accordance with the Principles of Complex Territory Development. The document is currently being developed by JSC DOM.RF together with LLC Strelka KB with the support of Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector.

Participants develop concept designs of three residential buildings in accordance with the typology provided in the Brief. Detailed solutions for planning layouts of all apartment types are required in two sizing options: with aerial sequence of 25 and 30 sq. m.



The purpose of the Competition is to expand the typologies of apartment layouts of medium and large size, which comply with modern requirements for providing for the comfort and security of the living environment, and which will be completed with the use of advanced construction technologies. Competition participants have the task of creating optimal planning solutions that will be easily adapted to the needs of various users groups and climate conditions in Russia, as well as to the changes introduced during the project implementation phase.



The Competition is by open call and will be held in two stages. Russian and international architects are invited to participate in the Competition. Participants shall submit the application form on the Competition website. Participation expenses will not be covered at this stage. Registration of participants as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs is not required for the First Stage of the Competition. Competition will provide equal opportunity for participation by both experienced and young architects.

To participate in the Second Stage of the Competition finalists must have the status of legal entities or foreign legal entities in consortium with a Russian company.



The participants shall retain all rights to Сompetition concepts. Сompetition organizers have the right to publish the concepts.



First Stage

_ Each of the 20 finalists of the First Stage will receive a reward of 1 m roubles (about €14,600).

Second Stage

At the end of the Second Stage the Prize Fund will be allocated the following way:

_ up to five First Place Winners will receive 2 m roubles each (about €29,200),

_ up to five Second Place Winners will receive 1.5 m roubles each (about €21,900),

_ up to ten Third Place Winners will receive 1m Russian roubles each (about €14,600).

In all cases figures include VAT, personal income tax and any other applicable taxes and fees associated with exchanging roubles into foreign currency. All figures in € are subject to change due to currency fluctuation.



Competition announcement   |  18 May 2018

1st stage design proposal submission   |   03 August  2018 

First stage result publish   |   06 September 2018

2nd stage design proposal submission    |   05 Novemver 2018