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Work has always been changing when we think in terms of productivity, efficiency or just the ambiance. Looking back, we’ve come really far of how we used to earn a living.Considering this dynamic outlook at work, along new revolutions in technologies come in to picture, things become more unpredictable.  And this is where we see opportunity. As the creator, you have the power to decide how work would look like tomorrow. And when work changes; challenges around work also change. This problem will take a new level of issues into consideration, from physical planning to virtual privacy, operational policies to individual aspirations, evolving workforces to what robots could be.

Evolution of work | Source: Unfuse
Evolution of work | Source: Unfuse



This competition gives due importance to a good architectural outcome along with a great idea how this workhub would be, because what you create here is a lifestyle that people should want to adopt. You are free to devise/conceptualize technology or use building automation, however we advise you to avoid a very complex pitch. Remember- Simpler the pitch, the better it is. The task here is much more than an office building. It’s focused more towards creating an environment that can be a benchmark of how work could be in the coming years. The design can be purely architectural / or lean more towards how the office system works / or how the 24 hours in this facility is envisioned, and there can be many more ways to look at this design problem.

Source: Unfuse
Source: Unfuse


The competition are open to anyone (Students & Professionals) who is at least 18 years old till the last date of registration. Anyone who is less than 18 years old may still participate in the competition but must be a part of a team whose leader/at least one member is an 18 year or older.

Student category is eligible for enrolled scholars who are in any bachelors programme around the world. (Also students may be asked to provide enrollment proof during competition registration and further submission stages) Professionals, Masters Students, Postgraduates, Research scholars, and all others beyond bachelor’s degree are eligible for professional category participation.  


1st Prize (Open for both) Reward of 2000$, trophy + certificate and bragging rights of UNFUSE ‘BREAKING WORK’ CHAMPION at UNconference ‘18.

Runner Up (Student) Reward of 1000$, trophy + certificate.

Runner Up (Professional) Reward of 1000$, trophy + certificate.

People’s Choice (Students) Reward of 500$, trophy + certificate.

People’s Choice (Professionals) Reward of 500$, trophy + certificate.

10 Honorable Mentions each honorable mention gets a medal + certificate and our biannual digest of


Feb 25, 2018_ Early Registrations Closes | Professional (25$ + Taxes) / Students (15$ + Taxes)

Mar 30, 218_Standard Registrations Closes | Professional (35$ + Taxes) / Students (25$ + Taxes)

May 05, 2018_Late Registrations Closes | Professional (60$ + Taxes) / Students (40$ + Taxes)

May 15, 2018 [00:00 GMT ] _ Last Date of Submission

June 22, 2018 [00:00 GMT ]_ Result Declaration


Submission are expected in maximum of 10 – A3 presentation boards in digital format. (JPEG – RGB – 120ppi). Hand rendered (Scanned in 120ppi – JPEG)as well as use of digital mediums are allowed. If abstractions are a part in contributing to the design they are expected to be laid clearly in the process, with the help of visual or verbal medium. For more information visit http://unfuse.xyz/assets/breaking-work.pdf.


If you have any further questions regarding the award, competition and submission process please send an email to contact@unfuse.xyz.


CONTEXT Contributor: Tabassum Rahman Chowdhury , Architect & LEED Green Associate, West Virginia