Women in Architecture-Where We Stand?

"Architecture education takes about five to seven years to reach completion. Another few years of work experience are needed before one can apply for the licensing exam. This is a time consuming process and it coincides with a woman’s childbearing years. Therefore many women have to make a choice between being a mother and being an architect."

Urban Blue (Promise in Chaos)

Dhaka is a city with lot of dynamics and potentials. Conventionally whichever the streets, sidewalks and outdoors cannot offer, Dhaka offers more generously. Individuals has choice to walk or stop  to have a cup of tea at any moment, day and night, in a roadside tea stall, or even have a friendly chat as long as one wants with fellows.  The freedom of choice is not in lifestyle only; it is reflected in city’s design as well.

Accessibility of Children Play Spaces in Dhanmondi | A Syntactic Study

In this article, the Author shares part of his research that attempts to understand urban physical context with reference to place, path and people . Within this broader framework of Place, Path and People, his research focus is particularly on ‘Play spaces’, ‘Pedestrian paths’ and ‘7 to 4 years old Children’ respectively. The spatial quality that has been conceptualized to integrate these multidisciplinary topics of study is accessibility. Accessibility is defined as the ‘intensity of possibility of interaction’ of people in space-time. The urban context of the study is Dhanmondi

Architecture and its Urban Context: Place, Path and People

The article provides a framework for analyzing physical urban context with reference to three abstract elements namely place, path people. The initial part of the article conceptually elaborates the place-path-people framework with reference to urban spatial quality such as scale, diversity and accessibility. It highlights the interconnected and open characters of urban spaces and architectural sites in general. Potential challenges related to the proposed framework are discussed.

Master Architect, Muzharul Islam Revisited | N. R. Khan

Architect Muzharul Islam , being the pioneer of modern architecture in Bangladesh, influenced and inspired architects over generation here. His works and philosophy has been widely discussed among the architecture community in Bangladesh. In some opinion his influence probably remains partial, fragmented and the essence of his work and philosophy as a full entity is missing. Prominent architect, activist and theoretician N.R Khan has questioned whether the architects here have been able to carry the legacy of the essence of his work and philosophy in a true sense in practice, social

Video_ Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil Talks on Charles Correa

Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and CONTEXT arranged a discussion on 27 August 2015 to pay homage to prominent Indian Architect Charles Correa following his death this year. Professor Shamsul Wares, Architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil and Architect Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad were the local invitees while Architect Partha Ranjan Das came from Kolkata. This video is featuring the part of architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil’s speech. Nahas Ahmed Khalil explained Correa from the view point of an architect graduated in early 80s. Architect Nahas mentioned how the projects of Correa, seen through the

Alternative Building Technology by HBRI

Despite recent initiatives designed to explore various materials and technologies, the uptake of Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) remained slow and sporadic in the architectural practice of Bangladesh. ABT has been adopted and efficiently utilized to solve the inadequacy of housing supply in many parts of the world including Africa and India; however, its poor implementation in the local building sphere has been blamed for lack of information regarding its efficiency and durability. In our country Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI) is the sole organization which

In Quest of Baker and Brick

Laurie Baker, well known as 'Gandhi of Architecture', was a British born Indian architect who dedicated his life to create buildings for common people . His Architecture, featuring virtuosic example of brick works, is a testimony of Baker's deep commitment to the place, people and local practice of Indian subcontinent. Eight young participants from Bangladesh recently attend the summer school organized by Laurie Baker Center for Habitat Studies ( LBC), Kerala , India. The following writeup is about summer school experience on Baker's work and the training program.

Beyond Karail

It was business as usual for me on 5th April 2012, like it was for most citizens of Dhaka who are not residents of Karail, a 170 acre stretch of land across the Gulshan Lake. Some estimate the population 1,00,000, others up to three times as much. It was the day the Government decided to […]

Kettuvallams: Kerala Houseboats

In March 2011, three of Architecture students, BUET – Nandita Barai, Shaswati Chowdhury and Sabrina Afroz Mostofa won the Berger Travel Grant award on the topic of “Introducing the Concept of Eco-tourism and Its Possibilities in Bangladesh”. Their destination was Kerala, India to explore the development of eco-tourism centered around Kerala houseboats operated by the local community there. The following is a narrative essay on their journey and gained experience on house boat architecture of Kerala, South India.


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