open urban design competition-Dhaka South City corporation-IAB
Open Urban Design Competition for Model Streetscape of Arterial Mirpur Road (from Dhanmondi, Road 27 to Nilkheet Intersection) | Organized by Dhaka South City corporation in association with Institute of Architects Bangladesh


Dhaka South City corporation (DSCC) in association with Institute of Architects Bangladesh has organized an open urban design competition to seek for innovative and responsive urban design interventions towards achieving a sustainable, lively, accessible , user friendly and integrated urban streetscape that would be an executable model for urban streets for the segments from Dhanmondi road no 27 (old) to Nilkhet.

The purpose of this competition is to explore the challenges of converting existing overcrowding streets of Dhaka into that of a very pleasant accessible one. Outcome is expected in creating a comprehensive vision and plan considering future landuse , accommodating pedestrian environment, rehabilitating the floating trades on the street, streetscape, integrating utility services, accommodating non motorized vehicles such as cycling , and definitely to perform its role as a primary north south transportation route. A module that may work as a reference for replicating in other areas of the city as well. All to be in conformity with the draft structure plan 2016-2030 and revised Strategic Transport Plan -2015.


Architects willing to participate in the open design competition must meet the eligibility condition specified in the Imarat Nirman Bidhimala  2008. Inclusion of Urban Designer and Planner in the design team is encouraged.


A panel of Juror nominated by both DSCC and IAB as per the competition guidelines of IAB will select the best design. Three best designs will be awarded.



Registration starts   |  5 November, 2016

Registration deadline  |  13 November, 2016

Submission deadline  |  26 December, 2016

Award announcement  |  30 December 2016



BDT 3000



First prize   |  BDT 7,00,000

Second prize   |  BDT  5,00,000

Third prize  | BDT  3,00,000 



Competition documents can be downloaded from IAB website.