Cities throughout the world are facing unprecedented changes and the United Nations predicts that by 2050 nearly 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban. We want to know how you think your city will respond to such issues as the pressures of population growth, the impact of climate change and developments in technology.


Entries will be assessed anonymously on the way in which they reflect an understanding of the issues being faced by cities in the future and by the way in which they engage the viewer. They should be imaginative and provocative but grounded in reality and not the work of science fiction.

Your submission will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the submission demonstrates a depth of understanding of the issues facing cities in the future
  • The extent to which the submission reflects an imaginative response to the challenges and opportunities to be anticipated.
  • The extent to which the submission captures issues that are relevant to the city which is being represented
  • The extent to which the submission provokes a response from the viewer and encourages them to reflect on the underlying issues.
  • The strength of the imagery, the power of the narrative and the clarity of the overall presentation


The competition is open to students of International Schools of Architecture and your submission should be accompanied by a letter from your university on headed paper.